The Current Security and Political situation in Oromia are not clear!

The Current Security and Political situation in Oromia are not clear!
Currently we observe several military, security and intelligence forces actively operating in the Oromia region. Although it is not clear, at this stage, that who is leading these forces, there is concrete evidence that there are six organisations fully operating in the region. Some of these organisations are even not known to the public or media. The organisations operating in the region include:

1. Oromia Revolutionary Guards (ORG)
2. Oromia Central Intelligence (OCI)
3. National Guard of Oromia Forces (NGOF)
4. Qeerroo (Youth) Movement (KM)
5. Liberation Front Army (LFA)
6. Counter-Terrorism Forces (CTF)

According to the insider information, these operations are deep-rooted and widespread throughout Oromia and also networked with key politician and military forces in the central (federal) government.
Although there is evidence of the extensive operations in the region, the structure and coordinating body of these operations is not clear so far. Are these armed forces and intelligence networks operate separately or coordinated centrally? Who is leading the operations? The concrete evidence found so far shows that although there are different groups, their activities on the ground are similar. Therefore, the assumption is that the operations are centrally coordinated. According to some leaked information, the organisation known as ‘Oromia Revolutionary Guards (ORG)’ is coordinating and leading the operations.
The surprising news is that the Ethiopian ruling party- the Oromia regional state and Federal Government- either has no knowledge of these operations or unable to control the forces. At the moment, the government structure is nominal, and the role of Oromia regional state and the federal government is almost non-existent in Oromia region.
The important question is where is the country heading? Who is ruling the country? What will be the peace and security situations of the region? The Ethiopian people in general, and the Oromo people in particular, must be very alert and cooperate to defend itself from the highly likely unrest and instability that may arise. Also, the international community should be vigilant of the security situations in the country.We will follow up the situations closely and update you with concrete information soon
Jaawwii Jiillee 

Iccitii Gola ODP keessaa baatee harka keenya seente. Adaaman gidduu kana akkanaan jirti.
“”Dhulaan dhula garaa jiru sa’i cinaacha hooqqattii jedhu” jara biyya alaarraa seenan oromia cenral intellijence (OCI) nama 2000 sanatu poolisii oromiyaaf kora bittinneessaa oromiyaa tu’ate jettee opdon oliif gadi fiffiiguun walgahiin wal dararaa jirti kkkkkk utuu sammuun jiraatee hangafi quxisuu ajajuin safuu miti.yaa oromoo OCI jechuun waaltaa qaruxee Ormiyaa jechuudha.yookaanis waardiyaa WBO !!”