The Current Political and Humanitarian Crisis in Oromia

The Current Political and Humanitarian Crisis in Oromia | KELLO MEDIA (March 31, 2021)

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  1. ኢትዮጵያ ፈራርሳለች ላትነሳም ተቀብራለች- Would only mean its opressive system will longer be allowed to stretch out to Tigray and Wellega and will continue be dismantled by the mighty defenders of Tigray, TDF and OLA in order to cut its roots rotted in all parts of the regions. We dnot want the system . It doesn’t mean people should fight with one another -it is asatanic action to incite violence among nations.However, these nations must be free to choose their own leaders and shouldn’t be brainwashed to maintain ethiopianism serving a cave for unitary narrow-minded , one language, one leader dreamers.

    I personally do wish the safety and security of every nation and nationality -We are brought up and nutured and taught by these all nations regardless of their native languages.I personally see, ethiopinism andthe political rivals didnot let the people to live safely . Hence, self-governing body might hold these nations united and maintain their safety .

    However, a poor nations and their newly formed government will certainly face economic challenges unless they determine to bury the hatchets and work together.

    A newly formed Oromo or Tigray state coudn’t successfully do the exchange with rich nations considering its financial capacity into account unless they consider working with developing nations who are willing to exchange and let them import goods and items. We all know unity is strength and acknowledge the pros of staying united but it shouldn’t let our weak members of the society , children and elders subjected to such kind of atrocities.

    It is better to take decision to stop the genocide now. At any ppoint in the future, you will stop it and start to hide yourself-We even tend to forget the sadest moment of our lives, death of our beloved ones let alone the death of a tribal member.

    Th idea is you will regret what you are doing now -just learn from Ruwanda_- and start to begn thinking to bury the hatchets for the sake of the remaining family members or other reason. So, stop now. Th dead will not ressurect just because you attack your neighbor. It will not change anythung at all.

    THose guys who call the other tribe will not help their tribal member when he was facing economic hardship but they tend to engage in genocide claiming to fight for their tribe. I lived in many parts of the country and I know many members of from many tribes. I have seen people killing their neighbors of the same tribe (who speak their language and probably have the same ancestors) to take his land , home and his wife . However, we see these kind of people pretend to be defenders of Amhara or Oromo or Tegaru defenders . It is just politics. With regard to ethiopianism? I will underscore the fact that Ethioipia(any country in the planet) is built by political elites . It is not created by God. WE must honor people’s lives , We die for ethipia and kill our neighbor or humanbeing ? Are you kiding or advocating for political elites ? nonesense!! Stop mocking at the lives of innocent people. I donot belive any nationality and national identity at all. We know unity could help us we can unite and protect and maitain our sovereignity but we should not let demagogues abuse our unity to maintain power. THe adage was divide and rule but I also seee unite and rule- unified ethiopia is helping politicians to supress the poor nation so as they mainatain a larger territory while not protecting their people.

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