The civil war the Neftagna Regime, in alliance with the Amhara Supremacists,

The civil war the Neftagna Regime, in alliance with the Amhara Supremacists, declared on nations and nationalities in Ethiopia is a war to abolish and legally ban ethnic identity politics and ethnic self administration in Ethiopia hoping to unify Ethiopia only under ethnic Amhara supremacy.
This means the ongoing civil war is meant to expand to all regions of Ethiopia unless ether the war is immediately contained or the Neftagna Regime is completely defeated.
Given this hard fact, Ethiopia’s Nations and Nationalities in the Broader Southern Ethiopia should get ready to defend themselves in the inevitable civil war before the racist Neftagna regime consolidate its hold on power and unleash its genocidal war. Just read what this one wrote!

በኋላ አሽከር ነበርን፣አገልጋይ ነበርን፣ ተላላኪ ነበርን ማለት ከእንግዲህ አያዋጣም– (አለ ደፂ)
°ፎቶ- ይናገራል

Call for for Humanitarian Intervention
The attack on Oromoo of Matakkal in Dibati Woreda by armed rebels has affected all their life.Many killed, others displaced and their house/entire village burnt down.Currently, those displaced from their home are in critical need of humanitarian aid.There fore, ORA calls all oromo, humanitarian organizations and all concerned bodies to intervenue and save the life of Mothers,Children and elders left with out help.
ORA account no.
Oromia International Bank
Cooperative bank of Oromia
Awash Bank
Siwift code:Awinta

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