The children and  ‘women’ of Tigray were fighting with us Abiy Ahmed!

The children and  ‘women’ of Tigray were fighting with us Abiy Ahmed

The prime minister of Ethiopia who is talking about the situation of Tigray region and the reason why the army has removed it from the military has talked about the situation that happened.
1. Children ‘ and women fought for us ‘ they took a horse ‘ standing on the streets ‘ fighting ‘ the national army.
2.. The clerics of the church have guns, they were killing the army and they were hiding their weapons.
3.. cities who requested us to be put down soldiers when we took them to the army ‘they have gathered the army’ and that is where the army was colonized.
4.. 5 days our army was fighting without water while TPLF is with the civilians.
5.. Some officers who were leading the war have ‘ killed themselves ‘ after they were surprised ‘ to hold TPLF ‘..
6… They used to make the public ‘TPLF’ and the public was hiding it..
7.. When all these happened to the army, they broke their moral.
8… We will raise our hands in the Tigray region but if they try to attack the Amhara people we will defend them.
Prime minister Abiy Ahmed just said ‘while talking to the media’..
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

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  1. Colonel Abiy, what do yo expect? Do you expect them to celebrate and support your invading army? I for one envy and wish that we oromos also fight your invading barbaric army tooth and nail.

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