The Bilxiginaa gang responsible for jailing, killing and starving..

Remember, the Bilxiginaa gang responsible for jailing, killing and starving the mass is comfortable in ”Addis Ababa” enjoying raw meat and whisky.
How can peasants farm their land when Naftenga/Neonaftenga gangs and militias are terrorizing them? 8 million is probably a conservative figure. West Oromiyaa which has rarely seen hunger is today on food aid because of the regime’s ‘anti OLA’ operations which apparently involves dislocating farmers from their land and preventing them from producing food.

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  1. Well, the gangs and their gangsters in charge of the Ethiopian regime in Addis Ababa/Finfinnee have no problems as far as the Oromo people continue to bring their produces to the city despite the abuses they receive in return. Although I am not going into details here, the Oromo could have taught the anti-Oromo gangs, consuming raw meats in Addis and plotting the destruction of the great nation, important lessons just by withholding their produces for a couple of weeks. It is quite mind boggling why Oromo farmers take the extra burdens of feeding undeserving and ungrateful gangsters and gangs in Addis by bringing essential commodities including milk, butter, grains, cheese, animals for meat, vegetables, fruits, construction materials, etc., while they receive abuses instead of “thank you”.

    Oromo, qeerroo and qarree: Are you there? You have immense potential to free yourselves from the backward and uncivilized subjugators, the naftagna and neo-naftagna. Get back your country and respect as a great nation.

    Oromia shall be free!

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