The Attack On Oromo Nation By The Ethiopian Government Is An Attack On All Historically Subjugated Nations In Ethiopia!

The Attack On Oromo Nation By The Ethiopian Government Is An Attack On All Historically Subjugated Nations In Ethiopia!

Following meticulously executed political assassination of the Oromo’s beloved and treasured singer ‘Hacaaluu Hundessa’ on June 29, 2020; the Ethiopian government is embarked on three major anti-Oromo projects simultaneously. The first is trapping and arresting all Oromo’s pro-Oromo political figures who remain jailed to date. The second is waging full scale war on the nation under the excuse of state of emergency by burning the Oromo’s villages and summarily executing hundreds of unarmed civilians under the pretext of OLF membership. Doing so is intensifying across the Oromia’s state since June 29, 2020, where over 450 deaths and over 21,000 unlawful incarcerations were reported. The third is a well-planned anti-Oromo Media campaign using government owned machineries in addition to mushrooming unionist owned Medias- both widely operating within Ethiopia and from the diaspora; all are bad mouthing innocent Oromo nation ascribing the assassination to the victims.

To assert the current political dynamics in Ethiopia, we only need little analytic capability and we do so also to learn who is behind the assassination of Hacaaluu on June 29, 2020 and why? Hacaaluu was a formidable singer whose musical lyrics combined with his heroic and genius approach has mobilised the Oromo nation to enable it fight its enemies in unison to see the former region off power. The Oromo’s heroic struggle has not been without a price. Over 5,800 Oromo civilians were executed by the government security apparatuses and national army between the end of 2014 and beginning of 2018. Sadly, the revolution has been hijacked and replaced by self-appointed dictator, Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s unionist regime.

The irony is that, during the time when the sons of Oromo were paying heavy prices with the precious lives, the incumbent ruler and his entourages were part of the regime the Oromo and the other oppressed nations were fighting against. Besides, he has come up as progressive by promising the crime that was committed by his old regime won’t be repeated. He has also promised that he only serves as a transitional vehicle until the following election that was primarily scheduled for September 2020 as per the constitution. He has changed his mind and postponed the election indefinitely; to remain on power illegally after September 2020.

By ditching his promises in the bin, he rather became busy behaving like and acting on riffraff activities that never show he is up for the job, but deserving only ceremonial positions as per his delusional ambition of becoming the 7th king of the Ethiopian empire. He is therefore working day and night to realise his utopian dreams instead of realistically working to address century’s old yearning of over 80 nations in Ethiopia- for justice and equality. None of the Ethiopian nations and peoples asked for the restoration of Abiy’s delusional Empire. He however is such a short sighted individual blinded with his narcissism and super ego thus unaware of the historical injustice the successive Ethiopian rulers whom he glorify day and night have caused to their subjects since 1880s.

Therefore, to achieve his heinous objectives; he with his unionist entourages planned something huge and hideous with major impacts to have an excuse on dehumanising the Oromo nation first and then move to the smaller historically subjugated nations and peoples in Ethiopia. I believe without shadow of doubt that, colonel Abiy Ahmed and his unionist cliques hiding in the palace have found the unfortunate Hacaluu Hudeessa as their best fit to cause public outcry thereby have an excuse to imprison and disable Oromo political leadership. On October 23, 2019, they have also attempted to assassinate Jawar Mohamed with the same objective although the attempt has failed due to heroic action of his Oromo body guards – currently arrested.

As the Oromo and the Oromo’s friends mourn the loss of such great Oromo talent, there were jubilations among the unionist (EZEMA+Abiy) group who have chanted in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) ‘Hacaaluu has gone! Jawar is remaining!’

With the above plan in mind, Abiy’s regime with its unionist entourages has dispatched groups of assassins and looters to various Oromia regional towns prior to Hacaaluu’s assassination by ordering them to remain concealed and standby. These were dispatched to wreak-havoc once the assassination has been executed and put the blame on the Oromo nation; particularity on Oromo’s prominent figures including the OLF leadership and the other political figures such as Obbo Bekele Garba, Jawar Mohammed and hundreds of others-all are arrested following Hacaaluu’s assassination as per their heinous plan. And colonel Abiy is scared of Oromo’s pro-Oromo politicians thus wanted them all imprisoned.

Just less than 30 minutes following the assassination of the singer, there were widespread burning of properties, killing of innocent non-Oromo living in Oromia including the Oromo’s Orthodox religion followers, and lootings in Shashamane (250 km from capital), Bishooftu (40km from the capital), Zeway and various towns between Finfinnee and Shashamane. This has been the case in various Oromia towns. Additionally, immediately following the assassination there were Media campaigns putting all the blames on OLF, other Oromo political leadership and TPLF’s officials as masterminds.

The coincidence is very difficult to believe. Unless there is meticulously planned prior arrangement is in place, such coordinated looting, killing, and burning of properties by well organised groups using various vehicles won’t be possible within 30 minutes following the assassination. I argue that even it will be impossible to know what has happened in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) let alone organising and looting using dozens of Lorries. If one asks who is capable of planning of these; it is only Abiy’s security, his Neftegna advisers, and EZEMA group who are working in collaboration to disable the Oromo nation thereby continually silence the rest of nations and peoples in Ethiopia whilst looting their resources in an exact colonial manner. There is no ‘if’ or ‘but’; It is them!! We need urgent and independent investigative Journalism to validate my argument.

Furthermore, these groups have also mobilised Media campaigns that demonise and vilify the Oromo nation at the global level. Additionally, anti-Oromo unionist groups also use the pictures of formerly deceased individuals from Amhara ethnic group primarily lived in Oromia as a person who has been beheaded by the Oromo youth as part of their heinous anti-Oromo campaign. There are such ongoing fictitious dramas involving various reckless personalities possibly coordinated from the Neftegna Palace and EZEMA leadership.

However, the actual victims are the Oromo nation whose civilians are increasingly dehumanised day and night involving raping both young women and boys to castrate boy’s manhood as colonial vultures have done to their global level victims from Australia, Canada, Latin America, and Africa. This is not a simple abuse; it is an exercise with the colonial intent.

Therefore, the war that is raging the Oromo nation is the war declared by anti-federalist Neftegna power hiding in the Palace wishing our slavery. Therefore, it is the war declared on all nations and peoples in Ethiopia begging our unconditional, immediate, and all-inclusive fight of our common enemies in unison. The Oromo nation also must avoid divisive old-style politics- instead of putting all differences aside to be able to come together to coordinate the struggle of all peoples in Ethiopia for genuine self-determination with the long-term objective on creating viable independent confederated nations –if Neftegna remains hell-bent on resurrecting its delusional dreams of returning to enslave the mass.

The OLF’s divided elites and other Abiy’s regime supporting Oromo politicians must know that they are joking at the sacrifices of tens of thousands of Oromo people. They must unconditionally stop their cooperation and alliance with Abiy’s regime and Neftegna group instead of returning to the original values of the Oromo nation whose motto is liberating the Oromo from over century-old slavery and subjugation.

Finally, I also call upon my beloved Sidama nation, whose fruit of struggle has been recently hijacked by and given to Abiy’s Sidama cadres- to stand by its cousins, the Oromo nation at this difficult time and show genuine solidarity by rejecting Colonel Abiy’s barbaric regime and joining the struggle. Hundreds of Sidama sons and daughters weren’t sacrificed their precious lives to return to subservience. The nation instead has gallantly fought and won to assert its national dignity and pride. The current Abiy’s regime and its’ corrupt Sidama cadres are unfit for the Sidama national purpose begging our unified rejection.

Furthermore, the international community needs to reconsider its position in the aspect of sponsoring state terrorism in Oromia under the pretext of aid. Colonel Abiy’s authoritarian regime must be stopped before committing full scale genocide in Oromia that will have wider regional ramification. His regime must be lobbied to release all Oromo political prisoners and stop state terrorism in Oromia instead calling for an urgent all-inclusive transitional arrangement in Ethiopia.

– Mr. Denboba Natie (Edinburgh, Scotland)

#Ethiopia: Update from #Wolaita: After extensive discussions over the weekend between members of the federal & regional security forces, community leaders, staff & management members of #Wogeta FM 96.6 & other stakeholders, Wogeta community radio station is back on air as of this morning, its staff members said.

Pictures: Staff members of Wogeta FM.