The artificial crisis being stocked by Abiy’s political mercenaries in the region to provoke the ONLF

The artificial crisis being stocked by Abiy’s political mercenaries in the region to provoke the ONLF would be a historic tragedy that the Somali people would neither forget nor forgive!
The ONLF is the last opposition party in the country that could put up a real fight against the so-called ‘Prosperity’ party, which I like to call it the ‘Poverty’ party, and now it is their turn to face the fate of its likes OLF, OFC, Balderas and so on.
ONLF should have known better when Jawar, Bekele Gerba and Eskinder were neutralized that its a matter of time before they face the music. How could they naively expect that they would be treated differently? It was only a few days ago that I was urging them not to get too comfortable and expect that they will be treated differently than the other political outfits that similarly enjoy grassroots support.
But with today’s declaration by Mustafa and the new label he gave them when he branded them spoilers of peace and purveyors of ethnic, religious, and tribal animosity, I don’t anyone would have any qualms that he put a huge target sign on their backs and the plan is to eliminate them. Let it be known that the deliberate provocation by Mustafa and his allies, the arresting of ONLF leaders or the branding of them as enemies of peace and stability within the region and to national unity is not for nothing. It’s part of an orchestrated strategy to corner these former guerrilla fighters and provoke them to do something silly and push them back to bushes. This historical mistake will indeed plunge the region back to the kinda turmoil and instability that it has been known for over a century.
Everybody should know that Mustafa and his minions and their political overlords are playing with fire and the catastrophe they are trying to dangle around would be bigger than the positions and the privileges they are trying to defend and the fire they start will definitely outlive them and burn these unfortunate people of ours and there future in one spate. In addition to their dream of starting what’s by any account a civil war among us; if the president’s statement today is anything to go by, which markedly was different from the Somali he put up, stoking ethnic and religious animus towards Somalis is part of the strategy when he accused the ONLF of fueling tribal conflict within Somalis on one hand, and ethnic and religious violence on non-Somalis.
– Mohamed Olad

BBC News Ethiopia – አስደንጋጭ ሰበር ዜና- October 23, 2020