TDF ambushed Eritrean Troops near Adwa Town Tigray region

TDF ambushed Eritrean Troops near Adwa Town Tigray region

Tigray news: Fighting in mountains near Adwa town

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  1. viva TDF and viva OLA

    Break aleg

    bamara ethiopia atimeram ethiopia should not be administered by amhara any longer abin wezete atibelu amhara dirijit anikebelim finfine belongs to Oromo and seats should be lefet to Oromo

    Please read and lok the photos falsely supporting the claims that Amhara defeated Italian army.

    I see those mens in the photo look Oromo. Historiocally, Oromo and Tigray defeated Italian army. Amhara has no history of victory over foreign invaders except selling land. entitled ““እየየ ሲዳላ ነው” (ወንድሙ መኰንን፣ ኢንግላንድ)” and caption reads”አንበሶች አባቶቻችን ከጣሊያኖች ከቀሙት መሣሪያ ጋር። እዩዋቸው በባዶ እግራቸው” the guy wearing a long coat and who holds a gun and bears it on his shoulder is Oromo and hope others are Oromo too. Amhara are always act like best actors as usual.

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