Sweden contributes funding to support Ethiopia’s forest sector development

Sweden contributes funding to support Ethiopia’s forest sector development

(undp)—–Sweden has contributed 79 million Swedish Krona, around 8 million USD towards a programme that seeks to strengthen institutions to catalyse forest sector development in Ethiopia. Forest coverage in Ethiopia is currently only 15% and a new forest sector development programme seeks to address this challenge through a more scientific approach and stronger engagement with local communities.

The programme is spearheaded by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the financial support of the Governments of Norway and Sweden. The support is provided through a five-year Institutional Strengthening of the Forest Sector Programme (ISFSP) launched in 2015.

The programme seeks to enhance the capacity of the forest sector to fulfill its mandate at all levels; increase forest coverage that boosts carbon sequestration and other environmental services as well as the promotion of sustainable supply of wood and wood products.

Promotion of broad-based stakeholder engagement in forest conservation and development including the private sector and enhancement of the forest development policies, strategies and interventions led by innovation are also focus areas of the programme.

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