Support Macha Tulama Association to Help those who are deliberately Displaced and those who are daily victimized in different regions of Oromia by the TPLF

Urgent Appeal: Support Macha Tulama Association to Help those who are deliberately Displaced and those who are daily victimized in different regions of Oromia by the TPLF

Macha Tulama AssociationThe wider world is unaware that almost half a million Oromo nationals have been deliberately displaced by the TPLF dominated Ethiopian regime from the border areas of eastern and southern Oromia during the 2017 calendar year.  More than one hundred thousand Oromo women, children and men have been forcibly removed from their homes in the Somali Regional State alone during and since September 2017. This outrage has come after confiscation of all their fixed and moveable property. These people are on the knife’s edge of illness, further physical attack, hunger, and side effects of desperation. They need our help and the help of all justice-seeking people worldwide.

Rallying help from the international community is, of course, essential in the long term, but meanwhile, Macha Tulama Association is committed to get immediate assistance – provided initially by those aware of the crisis — to victims in urgent critical danger. If you wish to help those who are most affected by these recent massive atrocities, please send your donation as soon as possible through one of the methods indicated at the end of this letter.   MTA has established secure channels to transmit funds and accountable ways to deliver to our desperate brothers and sisters in different regions of Oromia.

The plight of the Oromo people in these border areas has always been precarious under this TPLF-dominated government.  But since late 2015 the TPLF regime has unleashed its armed forces to kill hundreds of our people, while detaining tens of thousands whose “crime” was participating in peaceful protests in different regions of Oromia.  The government has admitted detaining 27,000, but the number is likely closer to 70,000 people detained, all in a deliberate effort to locate and literally eliminate organizers, then cripple and destroy all peaceful resistance in Oromia.  When that suppression failed, the TPLF regime embarked on hidden and open massacres and outright physical removal of huge numbers of the Oromo from their homes.  This brutality on the part of the TPLF regime is in keeping with its history of brutality against the Oromo bringing enormous suffering.  The 2016 wholesale massacre of 678 people on October 2, day of the sacred Oromo Irreecha festival was followed by the killings of several hundred more along the border with other regional states. Merciless warfare conducted against the Oromo by TPLF security forces and heavily-armed Somali Liyu Police, was launched in earnest during the State of Emergency October 2016-August 2017.  These attacks are merciless — murder, mayhem, plunder of resources, and raping of women, young and old – all carried out as part of a forced removal of the Oromo from their ancestral lands.

The victims we reach out to help are targets of an open campaign by TPLF strategists to reduce the size of Oromia and its population. It appears that TPLF leaders believe that they can use overwhelming military power to inflict endless horror on unarmed population with no accountability. For instance, on October 26, 2017, ten peaceful Oromo protestors, including young girls, men and students were murdered by the TPLF security forces, which also wounded twenty others in the Town of Ambo in central Oromia.  What we are witnessing is a crime against humanity committed by TPLF regime’s security forces in Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia. The international community cannot express moral outrage against a condition that they have not yet heard about.  We need to reach out to keep people alive and as healthy as can be until coordinated effort stems the tide of violence turned against Oromo.

For the Oromo Diaspora and for people of goodwill, no calling is more urgent, and no responsibility more noble than supporting the displaced Oromo.  We reach children, women and men who have been abandoned in numerous camps in different parts of Oromia.  They get no support from the TPLF regime, which has exposed them to incredible misery and abject poverty. So far, our displaced people depend on the generosity of Oromo masses from every region of Oromia.  We hope to add the generous gifts from the Diaspora to assure their survival.  Their problems are increasing from day to day, from week to week. The displaced are without food, clothing, medicine, shelter and their children’s education is disrupted.  What is needed is collective action!  In fact, the Macha Tulama Association believes that there is a moral imperative for doing something which will brighten the future of our people. Though limited in its scope, our support will have real impact.  It will be an investment in the future of our people who will have to settle somewhere and build their future. That is a certainty. But it is also a certainty that our displaced people will need our support at this moment.

With our help, our uprooted fellow Oromo will survive while preserving their humanity and leaving an enduring legacy. With your donation, the grieving families of those who are killed in cold blood and those who are currently displaced will endure their daily trials and tribulations while still maintaining their humanity all along. This special appeal for donation is to reach the displaced whose lives have been disrupted in so many ways.  Enabling them to be useful for themselves will be the key for their future wellbeing.

We believe that generosity resides in every heart and we summon it now. Plan to financially support the Macha Tulama Association so that it will be able to expand its assistance to victims of the TPLF regime and our huge displaced people in different regions of Oromia.  Our goal is to help them become self-supporting, productive members of society once again. We hope that this call will be answered with enthusiasm and understanding.  Each donation will reach its target and lessen the misery our displaced people face daily.

Macha Tulama took the first step by helping our people with our limited resources. We have created the way to reach the suffering people securely.  The next step is to increase the flow through donations from the Oromo Diaspora and people of goodwill.  Every contribution will be a wise investment for brightening the future of people whose lives have been deliberately disrupted by the TPLF regime.  Thank you for turning the tide toward restoration, rebuilding and empowerment.  Give with empathy and confidence.

Please remember to Send your donations through one of the following methods.

For sending check or money order, please mail it to:
Macha Tulama Association
8303 Osage Terrace
Adelphi, MD 20783

For direct money transfer to MTA emergency fund account:
Routing number: 052001633
Account number: 446037323547
wire: 026009593
Swift code: BOFAUS3N

Donations can also be sent through PayPal on MTA website by going to 

We thank you for your timely donation!

The Macha Tulama Association Board of Directors

The regime in Addis Ababa was fueling the recent violence through a notorious paramilitary force known as the ‘Liyu Police.’ The force are said to have the backing of the Somali regional state and are deliberately fomenting the crisis to give Oromia a bad name.