Sudanese troops have been deployed on the border in agreement with Ethiopia’s PM: al-Burhan

Sudanese troops have been deployed on the border in agreement with Ethiopia’s PM: al-Burhan

January 16, 2021 – (KHARTOUM) – The head of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, disclosed Saturday that he had agreed with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to deploy the Sudanese troops to secure the borders between countries.

On the first of November 2020, days before the attack of the Ethiopian federal army on the TPLF forces in Tigray region, al-Burhan travelled to Ethiopia together with Omer Gamar Eldin the Foreign Minister, Jamal Abdel Majeed the head of the General Intelligence Service, and Yasir Mohamed Osman the head of the Military Intelligence.

Al-Burhan told a gathering of businessmen and entrepreneurs to support the Sudanese army that his army has no intention to wage war against Ethiopia. He added that the army has been deployed within the Sudanese borders.

“I visited Ethiopia shortly before the events, and we agreed with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia that the Sudanese armed forces would close the Sudanese borders to prevent border infiltration to and from Sudan by an armed party,” he said.

“Actually, this is what the (Sudanese) armed forces have done to secure the international borders and have stopped there,” he further added.

His statements suggest that Abiy Ahmed spoke with him about these plans before to launch the military operation on the TPLF positions in Tigray few days after

He further described as “inaccurate” statements by Ethiopian officials saying that Sudanese military are implementing the agenda of a third party.

Ethiopian officials kept repeating that some people in the Sudanese government are implementing plans by a third party to harm their country without naming it.

Al-Burhan who worked in the border army during long years said he had participated four years ago in joint committees to discuss placing border markers on the ground and forming joint forces, adding nobody raised doubts on Sudan’s ownership of any border area.

“Four years ago, I was based with a military force in the Qalaa Alluban area, in which were killed six Sudanese women a few days ago. During that time, the Ethiopians argued that they had internal problems and that the situation did not allow marking the borders,” he said.

“The political leadership at the time assessed the situation and gave us instructions to withdraw, ” he added referring to the former president Omer al-Bashir who is accused of facilitating the occupation of Sudanese borderland for over 20 years.

He further said that the statements by Ethiopian officials claiming several border areas are a new development that requires to defend the integrity of the Sudanese territory.


Aljazeera asked for a representative from the Ethiopian government to appear on the panel but no one was available. All indications are that Ethiopia is planning to cede territories taken by Sudanese forces.

Here’s the dilemma for Abiy.
If he ignores the aggression from the Sudanese side or agrees to let them take control of the disputed territories, that will project military and diplomatic weakness, leading to a severely diminished status in the region. This could invite further advances into Ethiopian territory by the Sudanese army, and provoke his cheerleaders in the Amhara region into turning against him.
If he decides to play hard ball and return the aggression in kind, this will open up a can of worms with other regional players coming into the mix. There’s a risk that this could present Egypt a perfect opportunity to strike -may be not the entire dam itself but- key parts of the dam forcing Ethiopia to delay the remaining filling of the reservoir. The dam isn’t that far from the Al Fashaga triangle.
Either decision could have dire consequences. Not an enviable position to be in for a country that’s already reeling from deep internal fractures.

What’s reigniting a border dispute between Ethiopia & Sudan?

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