Sudanese army expels more Ethiopian forces from border areas

Sudanese army expels more Ethiopian forces from border areas

December 26, 2020 (GADAREF) – The Sudanese army took control of 11 settlements of Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory, meanwhile, Eritrea moved its troops towards Sudan’s border areas.

Since last November, the Sudanese army began to retake control of border areas that Ethiopian forces and militias had captured with the connivance of the former regime that was in trouble with Eritrea.

Military sources told the Sudan Tribune correspondent in the area on Saturday that Sudanese forces from the 6th Infantry Brigade in Douka area had succeeded to regain more agricultural areas on the border with Ethiopia.

“The Sudanese army took control of 11 Ethiopian settlements inside the national territory, in Quraisha locality, west of Barakat-Noreen in the State of Gedaref,” said the sources under the cover of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak with the media

Among the recaptured settlements: Asmaro, Lebbaki, Pasha, Lamlam, Melkamo, Males, Ashkar, Arqa, Umm Pasha Teddy.

The sources said that the Sudanese army expels the Amhara forces and militias from the settlement of “Lilli” where are residing the army commanders, major traders and farmers of the Amhara ethnic group.

More than a thousand Ethiopian farmers reside in these settlements, who derive their strength from the militias that have worked to expel the Sudanese owners by force of arms.

A round of negotiations that took place in Khartoum last week between Sudan and Ethiopia failed to demarcate the borders between the two countries, and it was decided to submit the file to the political leadership in the two countries.

Military sources told the Sudan Tribune that Eritrean army forces had moved from Um Hajar – situated within the border triangle area between Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia near Sittit River – heading to Abdel Rafi area on the border between Ethiopia and Sudan.

“The Eritrean forces arrived a few days ago via Halakim, with heavy weapons,” said the Sudanese military.

The Eritrean forces in Um Hajar allegedly participated alongside the Ethiopian army in its operations against the TPLF of Tigray Region. However, Asmara denied such accusations.


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    God bless Oromia and Tigray and save innocent people regradless of thier ethnic or religious background. Amen

  2. We will return those lands and cities from these people. For now, they are taking our burden and reducing the force who were ordered to invade us. WE will not forget their help, anyways. Viva Sudan!

    debterochi be medhanit endangeluwachew nigeruwachew yetenkuway sibsib balebet ager new yegebut tenkek malet new

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