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Struggle Whose Finishing is Messed up

By Ibsaa Guutama, February 2020

Afaan Oromoo version included below

(Gubirmans) — Peoples of empire Ethiopia had never been willingly governed but by force. Youths from peoples of the empire in the 60s started struggling for liberation of their peoples forming different organizations. They were the ones who were able to bring about change in the empire. There were also those that fled to the mountains in Ethiopian name but were not successful, they were stunted. Nowadays they are the ones that are raising their heads and are working to sabotage the gains of nations and nationalities. In that era the one that united Oromo youth and mobilized them for struggle was the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The objective of the struggle by this Front was the realization of national self-determination for the Oromo people to be realized by establishment of the people’s democratic republic of Oromiyaa. To achieve this Ethiopian empire has to be defeated and Oromiyaa has to be decolonized. It is unimagined to free a colony without crushing the empire. OLF went into struggle planning to do that. Though it did not uproot it, it has shaken it from the roots so that it can never have offshoots again.

Armed struggle of around two decades had registered significant achievements. Above all it was able to raise political consciousness of the people and mobilize the generation around Oromummaa. The unarmed struggle that started in 2014 and brought about change in EPRDF would have been unthinkable without that in the background. Everything goes with time. When peaceful struggle becomes impossible it is imperative to start armed struggle. World experience shows that. Oromo struggle that started with determination and commitment for the Kaayyoo is spoiled on consummation. The more than fifty years war between parties should end in peace by signature of the parties. Unless sovereignty of Oromo over Oromiyaa and if they agree to accept present federation as starter, before relations between members of federation is defined it is difficult to establish permanent peace. Before that happened, it is observed Oromoo organizations going into straight jacket set by Ethiopian saboteurs and operating according to their guidance without any precondition. Objective of fallen patriots and that of the people as well were never that

To destroy the empire is the objective of Oromo liberation movement. There is nothing more puzzling than lamentation of those that designed it, when it started falling. They join cacophony of one they called colonizer, wailing the country is going to be scattered and Itophiyaa is going to be ruined. They never realized that when one demands for right of nations to national self-determination it amounts to demanding for dismantlement of the empire. For the people that right is human right. Their priority should have been their own people not Ethiopia. Dismantling the empire means to release or free those shackled in it. That should not be taken as overturning the world but is to make old Ethiopia give way for opportunity to form new union where all are equals. Verbal abuses, deceits, lies and trying to turn the wheel of history backwards by different machinations could cause more damage to human relations. Past harms cannot be forgotten by victims for victors never admit them. If catastrophe could befall Ethiopia for destruction of the empire, it cannot be greater than that which befell the Oromo as slaves.

For this reason, Oromo will not negotiate on their right to national self-determination; but they will work towards a new union.

When what was not expected happens at a time they were not thinking of, they became cacophonous because their slave mentality might have scared them of independent life; or they might have taken mission from those whose interests are affected by fall of the empire. What can we call their changing of gears when they are on the last line of grabbing freedom? TPLF forced compensation for those it called victims of war. The Oromo wounded and their families were left without any attention. When the Oromo stretch their hands for peace it is not presenting their rights for debate. One who respects their rights and is willing to be companions in peace has to positively give response to their questions without doubt. The questions of federation and union concerns a way of life. Therefore, they have first to negotiate for living together. If they cannot agree living together, they can discuss on how to separate peacefully. To placate or despise the enemy ignoring Oromo interest, we have seen that tomorrow it could end in regrets.

In matters concerning aliens Oromo could benefit as a nation only if there is consensus in what they do. If outlook tat elderly developed so fare is obstacle for coming together, they have to leave way for the youth to take responsibility. OLF was founded by youth of the Pan African period. That is why it wrote into its political program,” It will work to bring about wherever possible political union with other nations on the basis of equality, respect for mutual interests and the principle of voluntary association.” This does not mean Oromo will abandon its right of sovereignty over Oromiyaa. It makes all sovereign over their countries. Therefore, unless they are Nafxanyaa system hopefuls no one will blame them of being, narrow, racist, extremist. As to how those that have settled in the colonies and had been serving the colonizer and formed their life under that system continue to live the world has enough experience. Those have the duty to abiding by laws of the liberated natives. It will not be a cause to change ones Kaayyoo for.

Oromo reached the present level after sacrificing millions. When they reached the threshold many methods of sabotages started to be applied internally and externally to incapacitate them. Externally there are those that try to restore the Nafxanyaa system of old Ethiopia. These are opposed to Oromo liberation. Oromo that have no confidence in themselves say they will get solution in democratized Ethiopia. They do not tell how they could build democracy without dismantling the empire; one is nemesis for the other. Nationalist say that they have first to free themselves by crushing the empire and then can form a democratic life with their neighbors based on principles of equality. That was why top Oromo cadres before their egos overwhelmed them used to say they were negotiating to be Ethiopians. It would be unthinkable to form permanent relations before forgiving for past harms and agree on the future. It would be possible to pass to establishing central government and democratic practices if all could present themselves in good faith.

Now Oromiyaa is burning in the west and south. It is rather a time of passing hue and cry rather than worrying about elections. The prime minister Dr. Abiy once said he doesn’t want to go to Wallaggaa and create discordance between regions (in particular) for they want to kill him. What connects Jimmaa and Wallaggaa are not individuals born there but Oromummaa. Wherever he dies as Oromo son each Oromo have a duty to avenge him. Since he said this Wallagga has been placed under military rule. Even he has become blood enemy. Viewing Wallagga with suspicious eyes did not start with the present ones. To exploit Oromiyaa as they like it was their permanent policy to deny the people information. For this reason, the lived being suppressed as not getting education. But by historical accident the administrative region called Wallagga got access to modern education before every other without Habashaa’s will. Oromo children in Wallaggaa getting opportunity to education without colonizer’s will, had infuriated Habashaa government. The past condition is not erased from enemy minds, otherwise all others have equal opportunity to education at present.

Therefore, it was observable that those in Wallagga may not poison others with new thoughts they were kept away from them. To create misunderstanding among the Oromo many songs and poems in both afaan Oromo and Amharic that glorify one and demean the other were released. The have given hands of king’s daughter and taken hands of Wallagga girl as if marriages could turn injustice to justice. All those were intended to alienate and make their Oromummaa doubtful among other Oromo. But then they were not successful; Oromo youth of the 60s dismantled the plot and started movement that took towards forming the OLF. With efforts made the people started to demand for their rights. Oromo resistance movement had to pass through many ups and down that is difficult to cover holistic to reached the present level. To simply pass and give up amounts to committing suicide. Oromo unity is being tasted even today. To fence Finfinnee as alien island and cut Oromiyaa into two is being intended. Decease that is affecting South and West will not be limited to there. It will not be difficult to imagine the danger that going to befall Oromo unity.

Today Oromo being leaders of the empire didn’t hinder Oromo voice from being subdued. Oromiyaa is a big nation, a country naturally rich and with productive people. There is not anyone that does not wander why such great people are oppressed by a minority. The people also lived being ashamed of it. Unless they find the cause of that weakness by soul-searching not finishing what they started is going to remain their stigma. Their bigness and potentials they have is a reason for being leered at. From known time Oromo has never been defeated in battles unless one of their own side the enemy. Oromo becoming conscious and raising the right of nations to national self-determination and gaining some results could be another cause for Oromo to be leered at. Unless they can control Oromiyaa, there will be nothing they positively see and like by taking Oromo as equals. All mentioned may be painful for them.

All countries have resources bestowed on them by nature. Instead of developing what nature gave them envying what Oromo had developed is causing conflict. The Nafxanyaa system led by Amaaraa is based on labor and resources of countries they colonized. Nafxanyaa descendants living today did not taste that. But their world outlook did not be different from their fathers. What comes out of their mouth is something that defame others, infuriates, instigate quarrel between people and people, religion and religion, tribe and tribe, etc. On this there is no difference between their learned and ignorant. To put these on the road to peace requires tolerance and big patience. In Africa Oromo is among those that have high population. For this reason, they have responsibility for unity of Africa. Such unity can be reliable if it develops starting from the home and region upwards. It would be a joke for Oromo to talk about African unity when they did not assure their own sovereignty over Oromiyaa.

Nafxanyaa outlook has disseminated into all and now all Amaaraa involved in politics are heard when they talk that Oromiyaa is a fief given them by God. Unless they could control Ethiopian empire in totality, they do not care even if she is destroyed. That is making the Oromo keep Amaaraa at a distance. Until they change their mind trying to piece together Ethiopia which they are dismantling will be an effort in vain. To raise war and restore to their old position they have the strength and the capability. For this reason, what they can do is only creating confusion in the region. Leaders moving in the name of Oromo instead of going out in unison to assure sovereignty of their nation like when they started, have now preferred to move separately. They are stampeding to compete for Ethiopian election which those that claim of being pure Ethiopians are ignoring. Their initial mission and Oromo dreams were not that.

Peoples of empire Ethiopia had never been willingly governed by “Team Nafxanyaa” but by force. When the fear and threat that griped the people for a hundred years started to expire, the true feelings of the people started to come to the surface revealing itself. The generation that formed the OLF were not free from fear sowed by massacre of the first invader. But daredevils of the 60s rose to break it. However, it took up to the second decade of the millennium to be totally broken. But for deceptions fear is no more a problem of Oromo youth. Kaayyoo for realization of national self-determination for the Oromo people and realization of people’s democratic republic of Oromiyaa is cut short. There are those that say Oromo organizations derailment from Kaayyoo they started with is not weakness of leadership but the Kaayyoo itself. That Kaayyoo actually reflecting the true demands of the people was made fall short of its goal by weakness of individuals. Inactiveness, lack of clear outlook and wavering are the culprits. There is something called “tactics” under which all want to hide; but tactics should not contradict the Kaayyoo.

The empire that seemed falling was propped up by the unexpected. Oromiyaa is not yet formally decolonized, which is necessary to take the colonizer as partner in peace. That requires dismantling the empire which is cause for all troubles in the region. OLF initiated struggle with that objective. Though it did not uproot it, it has sawn doubt in minds of the people that no one can ever again threaten or frighten them. Now Oromiyaa needs strong committed and determined organization with vision than ever. With that no one can dare turn the wheel of history backwards. For now, the struggle has spoiled finishing, the next generation will not pass that in silence. Though it may take time it will correct injustice and make Oromiyaa respected. Let us leave the judgement about those that dismantled unity achieved by OLF and scattered Oromo power to history. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

February 2020

Qabsoo Xumura Badde

(Gubirmans) — Ummatooti empayera Itophiyaa jala jiran humnaan gad qabaman malee sarmanii koloneeffataaf bitamaniifii hin beekanii. Dargaggoon empayericha 60moota keessa ummatoota saanii bilisa baasuuf adda gara garaa ijaarratani qabsaawaa turanii. Jijjiirama malbulcha empayera irratt fidu kan dandahanis isaanii. Maqaa Itophiyaan kan bosona lixanis turan; garuu hin milkoofne, ni quummanan. Amma mataa olqabatanii jijoota sabootaa fi sabaawotaan argaman fashalsuuf kan hojjetaa jiran isaanii. Baras dargaggoo Oromoo tokkoomsuun maqaa Oromoon kan ijaarame Adda Bilisummaa Oromo (ABO) ture. Akeeki adda kanaa, mirga hiree sabummaa ofii, ofiin murteeffachuu mirkaneessuu fi sanas republika ummataa Oromiyaa ofiinbultuu fi demokraatoftuu dhaabuun dhugoomsuu dha. Kana gochuuf empayera Itophiyaa dabsachuu fi Oromoo kolonummaa irraa qulqulleessuu barbaachisa. Empayerri burkutaawu malee kolonii jalaa baasuun waan hin yaadamne. ABOn kana gochuuf karoorfatee qabsoott bobbahee. Hin buqqisin malee akka lamuu hin latnett hundee raasee jira.

Qabsoo hidhannoo nannaa kurnan lamaan jija guddaa galmeesee. Hunda caalaa ofbara malbulchaa Oromoo ol kaasuun, naannaa Oromummaatt dhaloota hiriirsuu dandahee jira. Motorri qabsoo Oromoo akaakuu kamuu Oromummaa dha. Sanaaf malee mormiin hidhatamalee 2014 jalqabee ADWUI keessatt jijjiiramii fide hin yaadamu ture. Wanti halle akka baraatt. Yeroo qabsoon nagaa hin dandahamne hidhatanii falmuun dirqii taha. Muuxannoon addunyaa kanuma agarsiisa. Qabsoon Oromo murannoo fi dudhama kaayyoof qabaniin kan eegalame xumura badaa jira. Lolli waggoota shantamaa olii kan xumuramu nagaan bu’ee, kan wallolan gidduu araarri mallatteeffamuunii. Utuu abbaa biyyummaa Oromoon Oromiyaa irratt qabuu fi yoo federeshina akka irraa ka’aatt ni fudhanna jedhan, hariiroo miseensoti federeshinaa walgidduutt qaban hin mirkaneeffamin nagaa waaraa argachuun hin dandahamu. Sun utuu hin tahin, xaxaa shira Itophiyaan qophaawe keessa seenanii akka isaan barbaadanitt haala duree tokko malee deemuutu mullataa jira. Akeeki jaalbiyyoota kufaniis kan ummatichaas sana hin turre.

Empayera jigsuun karoora sochii bilisummaa Oromootii. Kanneenumtii karoora kana yayyaban yeroo inni jiguuf ka’u gadooduu saanii caalaa kan nama ajaa’ibsu jira hin fakkaatu. Biyyi faca’uuf, Itophiyaan diigamuufi jedhanii koloneeffataa isa jedhaanii turan waliin wowwaatuu. Yeroo mirgi hiree sabummaa ofii ofiin murteeffachuu gaafatamu akka biraatt diigamuu empayeraa gaafachuu tahu hin hubatanii. Mirgichi sabichaaf mirga namummaati. Isaanif durfannoon saanii, ummata saanii malee Itophiyaa tahuu hin qabu ture. Empayerri diigamuun kan keessatt hidhamanii turan gaddhiifamuu yk birmadoomuu jechuu dha. Sun Itophiyaa dullattii karaa irraa maqsuun tokkeessoo hundaa walqixxee tahe ijaaruuf caraa kenna malee akka waan addunyaan garagaluutt fudhatamuu hin qabu. Arrabsoo, daga, sobi fi geengoo seenaa shira adda addaan duubatt deebisuu yaaluun hariiroo ilmaan namaatt badiisa caalaa fiduu dandaha. Diigamuu empayeraan balaan ni bu’a yoo tahe, isa garbummaan Oromoott bu’e hin caalu. Kanaaf Oromoon mirga hiree murteeffannaa irratt hin dhoofsisanii; gara tokkeessoo walqixxootaa haaraatt garuu ni hojjetuu,

Utuu isaan hinyaadin hingeenyeen yeroo geessu kan akkas wacaniif sammuun garbichaa qaban ofirratt hirkachuu sodaachisee taha. Yookaa, ergamsa jara yoo empayerri Itophiyaa diigame fedhiin saanii tuqamuu dandahuu qabu taha. Bilisummaa harkatt galfachuuf sararaa dhumaa irra yeroo gahan “maarshii” geeddarachuun maal jedhamaa? ABUT kan lolaan miidhaman jedhuuf beenyaa baasisee. Madoon Oromoo fi warri ilmoon jalaa du’e gaaffii malee hafani. Oromoon nagaaf yeroo harka hiixatan mirga saanii nokkorroof dhiheessuf miti. Kan mirga saanii kabajee miltoo nagaa tahuuf fedha qabu gaaffii saanii mamii malee deebi kennuu qaba. Gaaffiin federeeshinii fi sirna tokkee akkaataa jireenyaa ilaalaa. Kanaaf dura waliin jiraachuuf dhoofsisuu qabu. Waa’ee federeshinaa fi sirna tokkee wal nokkoruun yeroo saa mitii. Waliin jiraachuuf walii galteen yoo dhibe nagaan akkatt adda deeman mari’achuu dha. Hardha halagaa sossobachuu yk tuffachuun fedha Oromoo dagachuun bor gaabbii akka fidu agarree jira.

Oromoon waan hariioo halagaa ilaalu hunda irratt waltahiisan yoo uuman qofa akka sabaatt bu’aa argatu. Ilaalchi manguddoon hanga yoonaa guddifatan walitt dhufeenyaa gufuu taha yoo tahe dargaggoon itt darbanii abbaawummaa haa fudhatanii itt gad dhiisuu dha. ABOn darga’goo bara “Pan Africanism”n (Tokkoma Afrikaa) bu’uurfamee. Kanaaf sagantaa saa irratt, “Bakka dandahamett saboota biraa wojjin walqixxummaa, fedha walii walii ulfeessuu fi akeeka waldaa fedha irratt hundaaween tokkeessoo malbulchaa gara fiduutt ni hojjetaa” jedhe. Kana jechuun, mirga Oromiyaa irratt Oromoon abbaa tahu gad dhiisa jechuu mitii. Hunda biyya ofii irratt moo’aa godha jechuu dha. Kanaaf, abdattuu sirna Nafxanyaa yoo hin taane, ni dhiphatee, “zaranyaa” dhaa, finxalessa tahee jedhee kan komatuun hin jiru. Kolonii keessa, qubattuun koloneeffataa tajaajilaa baahanii fi kanneen sirna sana jalatt jireenya bu’uurfatan akkatt jiraachuu dandahan muuxannoon addunyaa jira. Jarri kun seera abbaan biyyaa bilisoome baasuun jiraachuun dirqii dha. Sun Kaayyoo ofii jijjiirsisuuf kaasaa tahuu hin dandahu.

Oromoon sadarkaa hardha jiran kan gahan kumkumoota aarsaa baasaniitu, Yeroo isaan oobdii irra gahan malli hankaaksaa hedduutu alaa manaa itt bobbahuu eegale. Alaa sirna Nafxanyaa Itophiyaa dullattii deebisanii dhaabuu kan barbaadan jiru. Kanneen kun bilisummaa Oromoon mormanii. Oromoon ofiitt hin amanne Itophiyaa demokraaftote keessatt deebii arganna callisaa jedhu. Empayera utuu hin diigin akkamitt akka demokraatessan hin himanii; lamaan walii farraa. Sabboonoti, empayera burkuteessinee dura yoo ofii birmadoomne olla keenya hariiroo walqixummaa irratt hundaawe fi jireenya demokraatawe waliin bu’uurfachuu dandeenya jedhu. Kanaaf dabbalooti Oromoo olhaanoon bara saba saanii ofiffoo ofii dura buusan, Itophiyaa tahuuf dura dhoofsisuu akka qabnan amanu turani. Kan darbeef aagii utuu hin tufin, kan egerree irratt utuu walii hin galin, hariiroo hobbaatii waaraa fidu uumuun hin yaadamu. Yoo hunduu qulqulluma garaan walitt dhihaatanii mootummaa gidduu kan dhaabbachuuf shakala demookraasiitt cehuu kan dandahan.

Amma Oromiyaa gara Kibbaa fi Lixaan gubataa jirtii. Iyyii iyya dabarsii, yeroo labsan malee waa’ee kennataatt yeroo cinqaman hin turre. Muummichi Ministeeraa Dr. Abiy Ahmad ummati Wallagaa isa ajjeesuu waan barbaadaniif, achi dhaqee Oromoo (keessaayyuu Jimma) walitt naquu hin barbaadu jedhee ture. Jimmaa fi Wallaggaan kan walitt hidhu Oromummaa malee abba tokkoota achitt dhalatan mitii. Eessatuu ajeefamnaan akka ilmaa fi hoggana Oromoott Oromoo kamuu gumaa saa baasuuf dirqama qaba. Ergii inni kana jedhee, loltuun Wallagga irraa hin kaanee. Innu warra gumaa tahaa jira. Hogganootii empayera Itophiyaa Wallaga irra ija hamaa buufachuun jara ammaan hin eegallee.

Oromiyaa akka barbaadanitt bolquuf ummaticha iyyaatii dhabsiisuun imaammata saanii dhaabbataa ture. Kanaaf barumsa akka hin argannee gadi qabamaa jiraatanii. Garuu danuu/tasa seenaa ta’ee godinaan bulchaa Wallagga jedhamu barumsa ammayyaati fedha Habashaa malee hunda dura saaqaa argate ture. Karoora koloneeffataatii ala, carraa barumsaa argachuu ilmaan Oromoo Wallaga jiran moototaa Habashaa dallansiisee ture. Haalli durii sammuu diinaa keessaa bahuu dide malee, si’ana hundi carraa barumsaa walqixxee qaba.

Kanaaf, baras jarri Wallagga jiran Oromoo biraa yaada haaraan akka hin faalle gargar eeguun ni mullata ture. Oromoo wal jibbisiisuuf weedduu fi walaloo Oromoo Wallagaa ol kaasee kaan xiqeessu hedduutu Afaan Oromoo fi Amaaraan gad dhiifama turee. Akka waan fuudhaa fi eerummi qajeeltuu dabsuu dandahu intala Nugusaayyuu itt eerumsiisanii, irraas fuudhanii turanii. Sun hundi Oromo Wallaga jaraa kaan biratt halagoomsuu fi Oromummaa saanii mamsiisuuf yaadameetuu. Garuu yeros hin milkoofnee; 60moota keessa dargaggoon Oromoo shira kana kukkuttee sochii bilisummaa ABO ijaaruutt geessuu waliin jalqabde. Tattaaffii tolchameen ummatichi mirga ofii gaafachuu eegalee. Sochiin diddaa Oromoo bahaa fi bu’ii hedduu himamee dhumuu hin dandeenye jala darbee as gahe. Kana akka laayyoott tola dabarsanii kennuun of ajjeesuu dha. Tokkummaan Oromoo hardhas qormaata galaa jira. Finfinnee akka laaqii halagaatt dallaa ijaaruun Oromiyaa addaan kutuun yaadamaa jira. Dhukkubi lixaa fi kibba seene achitt hin dhaabbatuu. Hamaa tokkumaa Oromootti deemaa jiru se’achuun nama hin dhibu.

Hardha, Oromummaan hogganoota empayerittii, sagalee Oromoo ukkaamsamuu irraa hin oolchine. Oromiyaan saba guddaa, biyya uumaan soressa, ummata homishaawaa tahe qabdi. Maaliif ummata guddaa kana bucuun akka itt roorristu kan hin raajeffatin hin jiru. Ummatichis itt qaana’aa jiraataa. Kaasaa dadhabbii kanaa ofqoruun bira gahan malee, kan jalqaban fixuu dadhabuun mallattoo saanii tahee hafa. Guddinni saanii fi dandeettii riphaan qaban, ija hamaan ilaalamuuf sababa tokko. Bara beekamuu ka’ee Oromoon yoo nammi saanii diina irra gore hin jiranne dilii kamittuu injifatamanii hin beekanii. Oromoon dammaqee qabsoo mirga hiree sabummaa ofii, ofiin murteeffachuu kaasuuf hobbaati hanga tokko argachuun sababa Oromoo hamaan ilaalaman biraatii. Oromiyaa too’achuu dandahan malee Oromoo ofiin qixxeessuu wanti jaallachiisu itt hin mullatu. Kun hundi laalaa itt tahuu dandaha.

Biyyooti hundi qabeenya Uumaan kenneef qabu. Kan ofii misoonfachuu irra isa Oromoon dafqa ofiitiin bareechanitt ija babaasuutu wal dhabsiisaa jira. Sirni Nafxanyaa Amaaraan hogganamu dafqaa fi qabeenya ummatoota koloneeffatanii irratt hundaawee. Horeen Nafxanyaa amma jiran sana ni dhagahan malee hin dhandhamannee. Garuu akki isaan addunyaa itt ilaalan abbootii saaniin adda hin taane. Wanti afaan saaniitii bahu kan jara kaan maqaa balleessu, dhiiga danfisu, ummataa fi ummata, amanteef amantee, gosaa fi gosa walitt naqu qofaa. Kana irratt beekaa fi wallaalaan saanii wal hin caalu. Jara kana karaa nagaa irra buusuun danda’inaa fi obsa guddaa gaafata. Oromoon Afrikaa keessaa saboota lakkoofsaan ol haanoo tahan keessaa tokko. Kanaaf tokkummaa Afrikaaf abbaawummaa qaba. Tokkummaan kun qeyee fi godinaa kahee ol guddataa yoo deeme amansiisaa taha. Oromoon Oromiyaa irratt abbaa biyyummaa hin mirkaneffanne, waa’ee tokkummaa Afrikaa dubbachuun qoosaa taha.

Ilaalchi abdatuun sirna nafxanyaa hunda keessa seenuun amma Amaarri malbulcha keessatt qooda fudhataa jiran hundi Oromiyaa akka gulummaa Waaqi badhaaseenitt yeroo dubbatan dhagahama.

Itophiyaa akka duriitt walitt qabanii hin bitan taanaan badduyyuu dantaa hin qaban. Kanaaf, nammi Oromoo Amaara fagoott ofirraa akka eegaan gochaa jira. Hanga isaan yaada jijjiirratanitt Itophiyaa isaan diigaa jiran walitt qabuu yaaluun ofumaa dhama’uu dha. Lola kaasanii tahitaa duriitt deebi’uufis humnas, dandeettii saas hin qabanii. Kanaaf kan gochuu dandahan godinicha keessatt afanffajii uumuu qofa. Hogganooti qabsoo maqaa Oromoon sosso’aa jiran akuma jalqaban, adda tokkoon bobbahanii abbaa biyyummaa sabichaa mirkaneessuu manna, mata mataan deeemaa jiru. Kennata Itophiyaa kan kanneen Itophiyaa qulqulluutt of himan dantaa hin qabneef dorgomuuf hurrisaa jiru. Ergamsi saanii ganaamaaf abjuun Oromoo sana hin turre.

Ummatooti empayera Itophiyaa jala jiran humnaan gad qabaman malee sarmanii “ Garee Nafxanyaaf”bitamaniifii hin beekanii. Yeroo soda fi dorsisi ummaticha waggoota dhibbaaf qabate gad dhiisuutt kahe fedhi ummataa inni dhugaa olbahee of mullisuu eegale. Dhalooti ABO bu’uurse soda ajeechaa weerartuun duraa facaafte irraa bilisa hin turree. Garu kanneen homaa hin sodaanne 60mootaa ol ka’uun caccabsaniinii. Haa tahu malee dimshaashan caccabuuf hanga kumaalee lammafaa boodaa kurnan lamafa fudhate. Dagi jiraachuu malee sodaan xifa rakkina dargaggoo Oromoo hin turree. Kaayyoo ummata Oromoo hiree murteeffanaa sabummaa dhugeeffachuu fi republic ummataa demokraatoftu ofiinbultu mirkaneeffachuu gabaabaatt cite. Dhaaboti Oromoo Kaayyoo ganamaa irraa mucucaachuun dadhabina Hoggansaa utuu hin tahin kanuma kaayyichaati kan jedhan jiru. Dubbiin saa Kaayyichi kan fedha ummataa calaqisu tahee utuu jiruu, dadhabbii abba abaan gala saa utuu hin gahin hankaake. Kan sanatt geessan, gadabbummaa, ilaalcha taliilaa dhabuu fi daddaaqinni turanii. Kan hundi jala da’achuu barbaadu tooftaa wanti jedhan jira;garuu tooftaan Kaayyoo faallessuu hin qabu.

Empayerri kufuu gahe bakka hin yaadamneen utubamee oolee. Kolneeffataa akka miltoo nagaatt fudhachuuf barbaachisaa kan tahe, Oromiyaan ammayyuu ifaan kolonummaan irraa hin kaanee. Sun jeqamsa godinichaa keessa jiran gara caaluuf empayerri rakkina tahe diigamuu gaafata. ABOn akeeka sanaan qabsoo eegalee. Yoo hundee hin buqqisne taheyyuu akka lamuu eenyuu gonka hin dorsifne yk hin sodaachisne ciicannoo sammuu ummataa keessa facaasee jira. Amma Oromiyaan yoomuu caalaa kan feetu dhaaba jabaa, dudhama fi murannoo fi akkasumas daayaa (vision) qabuu. Sana qabaannaan eenyuu geengoo seenaa dubatt deebisuu hin dandahu. Ammaaf qabsichi xumura bade kan dhalootii itt haanu callisee bira hin dabarretu jiraa.Yeroo fudhatus kan dabe qajeelchee Oromiyaa ni kabachiisa. Murti jara tokkummaa ABOn ijaaree diiganii humna Oromoo facaasanii seenaaf haa dhiifnuu.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

Ibsaa Guutama

Guraandhala 2020