Stop land grabbing: Taabootiin kuniis Oromiyaa lafa gaggaarii.

Stop land grabbing in Oromia : Taabootiin kuniis Oromiyaa lafa gaggaarii filateefaa yero yeroon bu’uu kana nurraa dhaabuu qaba.

በሻኪሶ ሰዋና ቀበሌ፥
በእንሰት ግንድ ውስጥ “መስቀል” ተገኘ። ሥፍራው ፥ ከፍተኛ የወርቅ ንጣፍና ቡና አለው።

Oromo shall liberate themselves from Naftegna cultural colonialism. Gujii Oromos do not need this kind of cultural colonialism. What the Gujî and Borana need most are , and the development of the Gadaa democratic culture not Tabot land grabbers game

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