Statement of the US based MTA Board of Directors on the Murder

Statement of the US based Macha Tulama Association (MTA) Board of Directors’ on the Murder of Haacaaluu Hundeessa

June 30, 2020


It was with devastating shock and great sadness that Macha Tulama Association (MTA) members and the entire Oromo people heard on June

29th, about the murder of Artist Haacaaluu Hundeessa(1985-2020) the brilliant and the most famous Oromo singer and songwriter. Haacaaluu Hundeessa was a devoted husband and a very loving father of three children. His death is a huge loss to his family members and to all Oromo people who enjoy his songs immensely and cherish his huge contribution towards the flowering of Oromo nationalist songs.

Board members of the US-based MTA express their most profound condolences to his family members and all those who were touched by Haacaaluu’s infectious songs and for his cultural enrichment of his people. May his soul rest in peace. May our Waaqa comfort his family members and all those who knew the great singer, a highly gifted songwriter, and an outstanding Oromo nationalist, who always struggled for justice for his people and others.

The US based MTA Board of Directors members and our supporters are deeply indebted to Haacaaluu Hundeessa for his dedicated efforts for assisting us for providing food, medicine, and other necessities for our displaced population in 2017. We will never forget the immense contribution Haacaaluu Hundeessa made for saving the lives of our displaced people in 2017 and 2018. As we all remember it, in 2017 alone, more than one million Oromo nationals had been deliberately displaced from their homes around the borders of eastern, southeastern and southern Oromia through merciless proxy war conducted by the TPLF regime’s security forces and the Somali “Liyu (Special) police”, trained, financed and heavily-armed by the Ethiopian government. The attack on defenseless civil population resulted in the death of at least ten thousand Oromo people, plunder of huge resources, all carried out as part of the forced removal of Oromo nationals from their ancestral lands. The displaced Oromo people then lived in refugee camps, where they were punished by hunger and even killed by the TPLF security forces and their OPDO collaborators. Our Board members raised funds for our displaced people and sent it to our supporters in Finfinnee. Among our most ardent supporter was Haacaaluu Hundeessa for whom no calling was more urgent and more noble than providing relief assistance for the displaced Oromo people. In

fact, Haacaaluu Hundeessa was able to save the lives of countless Oromo children, women and men who were abandoned in numerous camps in different areas of Hararghe and other parts of Oromia. May his soul rest in peace! May our Waaqa bless our people with many more Haacaaluu Hundeessas who will save the lives of Oromo children, women, and men in the future.

We believe that it will be revealed that the murder of Haacaaluu Hundessa was well planned by the security forces of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s regime in collaboration with the killing squad of anti-federalist forces. The killing squad members are armed and financed by Abiy Ahmed’s regime. The main task of the killing squads has been killing Oromo nationals with impunity in the cities of Addis Ababa, Adamaa, Dire Dawaa, Harar and Jimma, with tacit approval of the regime’s security forces. In fact, a few days before June 29th, Haacaaluu Hundeessa’s killing wasimplied on Ethiopian television by Taye Dendea Aredo, a high-ranking Prosperity Party official. What is not in doubt is that Haacaaluu’s killing by gunfire was carried out by trained agents of the Abiy’s regime, who were shadowing Haacaaluu for days after he gave an interview with Oromia Media Network a week earlier. In his OMN interview, Haacaaluu Criticized the Emperor Menelik (1889-1913) for his cruel treatment of the Oromo people. In fact, Haacaaluu Hundeessa’s criticism was very mild. There is a rich historical record which provides ample evidence that Emperor Menelik built his empire on the destruction of Oromo power, confiscation of the fruit of Oromo labor, reducing the Oromo to the status of gabbar (serfs), who were exploited economically, dominated politically and subjugated culturally. However, Haacaaluu Hundeessa’s mild criticism of Emperor Menelik appeared to have angered Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who talked about it on a video only three days before Haacaaluu’s murder. In short, we regard Haacaaluu’s murder as a revenge for his criticism of Emperor Menelik, which clearly demonstrates that Abiy Ahmed and his anti-federalist force supporters are determined for restoring Emperor Menelik’s unitary Ethiopian state based on Amhara identity, their language, their culture and their religion. The Ethiopian state that was created by Emperor Menelik condemned Oromo cultural heritage, devalued their human quality, by totally denying Oromo identity, by banning the Oromo language from being used for teaching, preaching, and publishing. Above all, Haacaaluu’s murder is a dagger aimed at the heart of grieving Oromo nationalists and the entire Oromo nation.

Haacaaluu Hundeessa was an outstanding artist, whose songs always bring tears of emotion to the entire Oromo nation. His songs carry the Oromo Diaspora on wings of joy to Oromia. Haacaaluu was an activist singer, who in no small measure, brought Abiy Ahmed to Emperor Menelik’s palace in Finfinne/ Addis Ababa. Haacaaluu Hundeessa was a very proud and conscious Oromo nationalist, who had an excellent command of Oromo language, with which his songs always open the heart of every Oromo national. It is the position of the US based MTA Board that Haacaaluu’s carefully planned murder is targeted against all Oromo nationalists. His murder shocked his family members, the entire Oromo population, and all people of good will in Ethiopia and everywhere. All are deeply wounded by Haacaaluu’s murder. It is very hard for any of us to accept that our beloved and outstanding Haacaaluu – singer, activist, and forceful Oromo nationalist is no longer with us. May our Waaqa bless our society to continue to produce millions of brilliant minds like that of Haacaaluu Hundeessa. In his short life of 34 years, Haacaaluu made a huge contribution to Oromo music and inspired millions. His message and his art and will continue inspiring our people for years to come.

US based MTA Board of Director

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  1. Hachalu’s living testament indicated he should have been buried in Addis Ababa. If Hachalu wanted to be buried in Addis Ababa , he should not have been prevented.

    From now on all Oromo who devoted our lives best for equality are going to be burried in Addis Ababa, we all are going to carry our living testaments in our pockets at all times signed , dated and declared by witnesses stating we wish to be burried in Addis Ababa.

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