Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is closely following current developments in sisterly neighbouring country, the Sudan.

Ethiopia expresses its confidence that the Sudanese will surmount this difficult moment. Ethiopia fully respects the sovereignty and political independence of the Sudan and sincerely hopes that all Sudanese political stakeholders will find a peaceful solution to the problem.

Ethiopia fully understands and respects the wishes of the Sudanese people and stands by them.

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  1. Glaring Ethiopian hypocrisy should not fool the Sudanese people for a second. Ethiopian empire’s foreign ministry’s statement that the ethiopian empire “fully respects the sovereignty and political independence of the Sudan” is untrustworthy statement issued by a ruthless Ethiopian colonial empire that brutally and barbarically enslaves the great Oromo people. To this day, the ethiopian empire occupy and rule the People’s Republic of Oromia, ethiopia’s southern neighbour, by various military command posts.

    Ethiopia has a history of destabilizing not only its colonies but also its neighbouring countries like the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Republic of Djibouti. Ethiopia’s military currently stationed in the Federal Republic of Somalia is engaged in savagely killing, imprisoning Somalis, and in bitterly pitting one group of Somalis against another, in the same way they brain washed and pit one group of their Oromo subject against another. Ethiopian empire’s expansionist and supremacist ambition in the region is like a deadly cancer that gets worse and brutal everytime causing immense death and destruction. The empire’s current leaders has recently vowed to revamp the mythical abyssinian glory by conquering the neighbouring countries and the Republic of Yemen. These abyssinians would find an opportunity to fulfil their expansion vow if they managed to fool the Sudanese by such disingenuous statement.

    I wish the Sudanese people and government all the best in guarding the Sudan border firmly and vigilantly from expansionist and supremacist ethiopians. I for one value sharing experiences with other people especially with the Sudanese and the Somalis people but not the abhorrent experiences I and my Oromo people endure under ethiopian colonialism.

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