Ethiopia: – Disguising ‘Military Coup D’état’ With the State of Emergency Is the Last Card TPLF’s Apartheid Plays!

Ethiopia: – Disguising ‘Military Coup D’état’ With the State of Emergency Is the Last Card TPLF’s Apartheid Plays!

By Denboba Natie, March 02, 2018

(Ayyaantuu) — The unexpected resignation of Ethiopia’s PM Hailemairan Desalegn (HMD) on the 15th of February 2018; and the subsequent declaration of State of emergency by the TPLF on the 16th of February 2018 for the second time in 11 months, in an ailing TPLF/EPRDF’s Ethiopia speaks volume about the gravity of the political turmoil in the country. The State of emergency has been approved this morning (02 March 2018) by its fake parliamentarians who have no say about the matters pertinent to their own people apart from the recently waking up but highly threatened OPDO. Otherwise, PM HMD is known to be TPLF’s puppet who can do nothing as he possesses power without ability to exercising authority. Therefore, his resignation has hardly amazed the country, although it did so to the international community who don’t know the dynamics of TPLF’s filthy politics.

For the last 27 years, Ethiopia remain in state of emergency under the iron feast rule of the former military junta of Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) who fought for the independence of Tigray from Ethiopia, not for the rights of Ethiopia’s diverse peoples. The Tigray nation, constitutes less than 6% out of over 104 million peoples in Ethiopia. The current rulers (TPLF) who call themselves the rescuers of Tigray from the Amhara oppression, are criminally incepted junta (including their late architect PM Meles Zenawi) who were allowed by the time and conditions, when the global political dynamics was in their favour as it was in the process of transformation; to mass-murder civilians, dehumanise all peoples of the country, arbitrarily arrest all political leadership and their supporters, licensed to kill and maim unarmed and noncombat civilians in all parts of the country, displace tens of tens of millions of peasants from their ancestral lands to trade with it to become multi-billionaires in a space of weeks and months and totally monopolise the entire economy, military leadership, politics, security and foreign affairs. Therefore, the current declaration and approval of State of emergency is nothing other than exerting the TPLF’s power over the 104 million to stay in power.

The irony is twofold. The first is the chronology of events consecutively unfolded one after another. The resignation of puppet PM HMD is the second plot facilitated by the TPLF shadowy government led by few old oligarchs such as Seyoum Mesfin, Sebhat Nega, Berket Simeon and the TPLF’s army Generals. Two weeks prior to his coerced and planned resignation on the 3rd of February 2018, something significant has unfolded, which I call it the first incident. The regime has suddenly promoted about 61 high ranking military officials to various military leadership positions under the pretext of giving an opportunity for the officers of Amhara and Oromo nations whose people repeatedly for the last 27 years claimed that, the composition of military leadership is racist as 96% of military Generals are from Tigray whose population is under 6%.

The above is the reason why on the 3rd of February 2018’s promotion, they have involved sizable number of Amhara and Oromo Generals in their preparation to conduct the said military coup under the pretext of State of emergency, which I call it the third incident. Until this period, the military leadership positions where entirely dominated by the TPLF’s former guerrilla fighters who have since 1991/2 monopolised the entire economy under the shadowy charities including the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) and Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) led by TPLF’s politicians and Generals respectively. Additionally, these Generals are also given various plots of lands in difference regions and Zones including in Addis Ababa and elsewhere by displacing millions. From those who have been suddenly elevated to a higher military positions include, 3 Deputy chiefs of staff (Generals), 14 major Generals and 40 Brigadier Generals. Basically, Ethiopia doesn’t need these.

In such process, the ruling TPLF’s junta had something crucially important for its survival in its sight, when it has embarked on a project of such drastic actions of uninstalling its puppet PM and subsequently declaring the indicated state of emergency, which I call it a ‘military coup d’état’. It must have meticulously planned these during the period of its recluse in Meqele (during TPLF’s conference) for 35 days and subsequent 17 days in Addis Ababa under the pretext of EPRDF’s conference. The TPLF must have planned and strategized its anti-democratic projects of fear to halt popular revolution demanding for a fundamental political change in Ethiopia; during the indicated nearly collectively 2 months lasted conferences. Therefore, the TPLF, erroneously renamed as EPRDF has already premediated these actions as part of its last straw on the basic principles of democracy and freedom in Ethiopia, to remain on power.

I think the West’s politicians deliberately shy of revealing of the truth on the ground, although they are 100% sure that, in Ethiopia the TPLF’s Generals have conducted silent military coup d’état under the pretext of State of emergency. I believe that, the TPLF has only called its inapt and increasingly voiceless parliamentarians to validate its compulsive lies and deceitful arguments although its actions are vehemently denounced by west’s its supporters including the USA, EU and the UK. The TPLF’s reckless actions are the sign of glaring truth about its inability to govern the country of over 104 million. Therefore, it is the right time for the TPLF regime to peacefully stepdown if its criminals can assert the reality on the ground. Irrespective of licensing its security and military forces to kill and main unarmed civilians all over the country, the peoples of Ethiopia equally shown their resilience and indefatigability, hence determined to continue with their struggle until they assert their unalienable rights to freedom of movement, assembly, expression and genuine self-determination.

The TPLF’s Ethiopian regime unambiguously knows that the time for its barbaric reign and cruel dominance became over, due to popular struggle in Oromia primarily and in Amhara and in the rest parts of the country secondary. All peoples in Ethiopia are demanding for an unconditional fundamental political change although the regime attempts to cosmetically embellish with lies and deceits whilst still adopting its brutal responses of live bullets. As we speak, the massacre is ongoing in Oromia and the rest parts of the country as military controls every aspect of peoples’ lives in all parts of the country with exception of Tigray. Unsatisfied with spilling the blood of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in the past 27 years reign of state terrorism, the TPLF to date, is hellbent in remaining on power employing brutality as means of governance.

Nevertheless, with the relentless heroic struggle and sacrifices of the Oromo Qeerrroo and Amhara Fano in addition to the struggles of the other peoples in Ethiopia, the kneeling down of the TPLF regime is going to be possible sooner than later. We saw this in reality when the TPLF’s barbaric regime has conceded when it has released several prominent political leaders and those who have opposed to its barbaric rules, including Professor Merara Gudina, Obbo Beqala Garba and various Oromo politicians; Eskinder Nega (famous journalist who has been unlawfully incarcerated for at least 7 years for speaking the truth), Colonel Demeke Zewude of Gondar who has defended the rights of Wolqayt and Xegede (Tegede-part of  Amhara land confiscated by TPLF to incorporate it to the Tigray regional state), the Sidama’s Solomon Naayyu and four others, and thousands of others politicians. Besides, still there are over 140,000 civilians all over the country unlawfully incarcerated in various substandard cells where torture is rampant.

Trapped in an escapable popular unrest due to ongoing revolution led by gallant ‘Qeerroo’ on latter stage followed by ‘Fano’ in the last nearly 3 years, the TPLF has played all its dirty cards with all means it thought to be working. Besides, it didn’t. The Oromo and Amhara youth and that of the popular demand for a fundamental political change in Ethiopia is rigorously moving thereby irreparably damaging TPLF’s reputation not only in Ethiopia, but also in the West from where it milks billions of dollars under the pretext of development and war on terrorism. These sources are drying up, further shaking the regime from its foundation. The TPLF therefore, is acting like a rabies infected dog who is prepared to bite every person on its way until it is shot or tabbed to his final demise. The TPLF’s final demise is inevitably approaching!

Therefore, the TPLF apartheid is gasping for its final breath hence the reason why it has facilitated the systematic military coup to take place under the pretext of state of emergency, thereby licensing its security and military forces to mass-murder civilians. We make it crystal clear to those military personnel and security forces that, they are employed to serve national purposes by defending the territory of Ethiopia. They are not employed to kill unarmed civilians who are their brothers and sisters to sustain the TPLF apartheid in power. Therefore, we urge them to unconditionally stop their barbarism to their own people instead standing with the majority by totally rejecting the orders of the Tigrean Generals who happily coerce them to live shoot and kill their own people. The TPLF is on a verge of collapse, thus, whether you like it or not, you’re going to be judged by the work you’ve done when the right time comes. That time is very soon!

The peoples in Ethiopia must unanimously reject the TPLF and its regional, Zone, districts and local puppets who are good for nothing, to facilitate the downfall of the TPLF ailing regime to restore the rule of law and order. There is no time for complacence. We must move in unison with purpose and determination in our resolve. The TPLF has proved its inherent barbarism to all peoples needing unconditional and fundamental change, the peoples of Ethiopia remained demanding for the last 3 years. The employment of brute forces to sow fear and terror in the country to remain in power, never stop them from moving forward in unison in their search for genuine freedom, democracy and respect; all privileges denied to them by the TPLF’s brutal regime in the last 27 years. The stakeholders must walk hand in hand until the common enemy of the country and all peoples is forced to unconditionally stepdown.

Moreover, the international community and supporters of the TPLF’s brutal ailing regime must unconditionally stop their support, instead condemning its reckless actions, thereby supporting the struggle of the majority for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia and the wider horn. It must be clear that, the consequences of instability in Ethiopia undoubtedly impacts the entire horn. The peoples in Ethiopia must be united in their fight against injustice as they have been all equally brutalised under the TPLF apartheid for the last 27 years reign of State terrorism, as is the case today.

May the souls of tens of thousands of civilians those who have been murdered by the TPLF agents whilst seeking democracy and justice rest in eternal peace!

By Denboba Natie, March 02, 2018 (