In Ethiopia, things change and nothing changes. The only constant in Ethiopia is not CHANGE. The only constant is TYRANNY.

Trouble is brewing in Walaita Zone for reasons that have everything to do with perennial Questions that have convulsed the Abyssinian State from its inception: Rights of nations, nationalities vis-a-vis the predatory feudal state at the center.

Whenever these deep-seated fault lines erupt whoever is in power at Menelik’s Palace and their collaborators invent and shamelessly peddle fabricated and politically motivated accusations against opponents.

For the incumbent self-declared 7th King of Ethiopia and his PP minions the standard accusations uniformly and routinely labels against any and all forms of dissent are:

Collaboration with TPLF, OLF-Shene
Instigating violence and hatred
Organizing illegal structures

These have been used in Oromia, SRS, and now in Walaita Zone.

Sometimes it becomes so bizarre that the quintessential TPLF foot soldiers accuse who fought TPLF for decades of collaboration with the TPLF.

In the Abiy Ahmed’s PP universe the Reign of Terror is the Rule of Law.

Let freedom ring in the vast prison house of nations.

– Hassan Keynan

Dr. Getnet Tamiru is a general surgeon at Gimbi Adventist Hospital. A week ago, he was arrested for allegedly treating an Oromo Liberation Army soldier who had sustained severe gunshot wounds. The soldier was seeking medical care under a pseudonym, out of fear for his safety and life.

Dr. Getnet maintained the soldier’s confidentiality and referred his critically ill patient, who was in need of a blood transfusion, to a higher level of care at Nekemte Hospital. This was his duty as a physician.

Although Dr. Getnet was merely fulfilling his professional responsibilities, he has remained unjustly detained for over a week, without being charged with a crime and without appearing in court.

We demand the immediate release of Dr. Getnet. Abiy Ahmed’s government must not interfere with medical care! This is an international humanitarian obligation.


Via: Somali Region News