Special report- Ethiopian Army takes devastating causalities.

Special report- Ethiopian Army takes devastating causalities.

Tigray War News – Battle for Dessie – 8/28/2021

Fighting Update of Gashena, Woldia & Dessie

News August 28: Amhara Benishangul Gumuz Agreement -Tigray – OLF Oromia

Ethiopia using amhara Forces? || Ethiopia tigray conflict

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  1. ዱቄት አርገናቸዋል ብለውን አልነበር እንዴ ፥ከመቸው ደብረዘይት ደረሱ አሁን የት ናቸው? ብልጥግና የውሸት ቋት አገር ሻጭ ፥ እንጭጭ ስብስብ ነው Turkey, UAE,and Russia should be subjected to war crime investigation against Oromo, Tigray and including Amhara innocent civilians. Amhara elites supported by modern day colonialists, Russia, UAE and Turkey which are exporting genocidal machines to prosperity party leaders, Amhara elites and their steerin wheel, እቡይ አመድ (በተለምዶ ዓቢይ አህመድ). The military machines imported from these countries(Turkey, UAE,and Russia) caused human causalities among all ethnicities in Ethiopia. recently reports are emerging that Amhara people are killed by ENDF who were intending to kill TDF. As usual, ENDF and its genocidal government of Abiy is putting all the blame on TDF and accusing Tegarus for all the killings of amhara and non amhara in Ethiopia. Stop killing your own people and accusing TDF at atime. Abiy and his Prosperity party members should be brought to ICC , including warmongers in overseas, Amhara elites! vIctory to TDF and OLA and all other tribes who are struggling to topple down the genocidal regime of Amhara elites, beggars in overseas and shamlessly acting as if they are master of all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia.

    Победа народу Афара, Тыграя и Оромо

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