Speaking with the intention to degrade Oromummaa!!

Speaking with the intention to degrade Oromummaa!!

I remember Mangistu Hayilemariam saying “Amhara” means is people who live on high lands of northern Ethiopia.

28 years later, Abiy Ahmed repeated Mangistu’s sentiments with a slight twist intending to earn lasting appreciation from the so-called “Amharas.”

The goal of these rather seemingly unpretentious, plain and innocent-sounding words that came out of Abiy Ahmed’s mouth are orchestrated to implant the Amhara version of Ethiopia in the minds of the Oromo youth. To do so, reciting words such as “Debreziyit, Shawaa, Nazareth, Addis Ababa, etc must be used. To further degrade Oromians quest of reclaiming their shattered identity, Abiy may go as far as calling the Oromo people “Galla”, the term derived from Pagan or Kufar.

Men whose minds were formatted by the Orthodox church have used these term in order to degrade the Oromo identity. Now Abiy Ahmed uses these terms without sensitivity to Oromians feelings.

Another worrisome matter we’ve seen since Abiy Ahmed became the prime minister of the sick empire is the rituals of lying frequented by the guardian Angel of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed.

Just yesterday, he told the press that “there are only 120 political prisoners in Ethiopia.”

It is a tragedy to be trapped in the snares of dishonesty and misrepresentation. Everyone knows that there are over 5,000 prisoners in Sanqallee (Ambo) military base alone and these prisoners are brought from the south, center and western Oromia villages.

We know that Abiy’s fans will argue saying people who are jailed in Sanqallee military base are thieves, hooligans, and Duriyyees. Nevertheless, such lies will only entangle the OPDO in the chains of more lies and paralyze them. Rundassa Eshete‘tiin

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  1. Abiy is the prime minister of Ethiopia; Abiy is the chairman of the EPRDF; Abiy is the chairman of the OPDO/ODP; Abiy is a politician. Therefore, any words and phrases that come out of his mouth cannot be overlooked as “innocent slip of mouth”. Anything he says can rather be taken as calculated political statements.


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