Somali Region Diaspora Held Another High Profile Gathering to Denounce What They Called ‘Abdi Iley’s’ Brutality

Somali Region Diaspora Held Another High Profile Gathering to Denounce What They Called ‘Abdi Iley’s’ Brutality

(jigjigaherald)—The social and justice movement that is called Dulmi-Diid Movement and is powered by the Somali diaspora held and another highly profile conference in Minneapolis on Saturday May 27, 2018.

This event follows a serious of conferences and consultation forums held across the globe in four different continents the latest of which was to denounce the brutal killing of 18 your old girl named Taysir Omer-Food couple weeks ago.

Dulmi-Diid, which roughly translates in to ‘Taking A Stand Against In Justices’ in Somali, is a social and political movement that claims to advocate for human and democratic rights in the Somali Region and vowed to end what they called egregious human rights abuses and injustices perpetuated on the Somali people by the current Somali Regional president and his administration.

The theme of this conference was to seek justice for Taysir Omer-Food and thousand others across the region that are either killed, incarcerated or displaced by Abdi Iley.

Dumi-Diid is a loosely tied grass roots level organization that has satellite branches in more than have a dozen countries that has actually proven to have a potent mobilizing capability given the series of conferences and events they held since December last year.

It is also catching fire like no other organic and grass roots level movement in the short political history of the Somali Region.

So far, they have also proven to be effective in shedding the light on the human rights conditions of the region and directing the attention of the international media such as the VOA and a handful of other Diaspora based opposition media outlets.

They have also drown the ire of the Somali Region President and his administration up to the point of arresting the families, relatives and the businesses of those at the forefront of the movement.

The Regional Government have even established what they call a ‘Command Post’ to crash this movement mimicking the national Command Post that enforces the recently declared State of Emergency(SoE).

According to organizers, the event is intended to show solidarity with all those suffering under what they called ‘Abdi Iley’s brutality in the Somali Region’.

They also urged prime minster Abiy Ahmed and the federal government to intervene and stop the egregious human rights violations in the Somali Region.

They are betting on the hope that the reform mandate he has both from the streets and the power corridors in EPRDF will help alleviate some of the political, economic and security alienation that Somali people has endured in the past.

To follow up with that promise, a group of Somali elders, politicians, intellectuals and diaspora groups are in Addis Ababa to protest to the federal government.

This growing opposition movement came in an interesting time in the Region’s politics in which there are widespread and often violent protests against Abdi Iley in the Region. It also came at a time when there is a renewed communal clashes across the Somali-Oromo border. 

ESAT DC Daily News Sat 26 May 2018

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  1. How they call themselves dulmi-diid while waving Abyssinian apartheid flag….?
    Which is the simple of all sorts of Un just…in vise verse they promoting DULMI
    These fake group made by TPLF to replace abdi iley who they used and no need more,,,!
    What Somalis every where needs is Qeerroo like Organisation ( SYL ) to achieve full freedom .
    Oromia shall be free
    Rest of oppressed nations will follow suit inshaALLAAH

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