Solidarity message in support of the ongoing Qeerroo-Qarree lead National Liberation Movement

Solidarity message in support of the ongoing Qeerroo-Qarree lead National Liberation Movement

Global Gumii Oromia
6909 Laurel Ave
Tacoma Park, MD 20913
Secretariat: (202) 509-1187

Date: March 12, 2019

The Global Gumii Oromia (GGO) is a civic organization created by Oromo professionals residing in North America and around the globe to mobilize resources to assist Oromo victims of human rights abuses, injustices, displacements and dislocations by political and natural disasters; to create favorable environment to build awareness for sustainable development and empowerment; and to maintain, preserve and promote Oromo culture and language.

The Oromo people have been struggling for liberty, freedom, and self-determination since the occupation of their land and subjugation of their rights by the Abyssinian expansionists about 150 years ago. The Qeerroo-Qarree uprising in 2014 against the so-called Addis Ababa Master Plan is the continuation of the freedom struggle staged by our forefathers since the occupation.

The Addis Ababa Master Plan was an evil plan concocted by TPLF-EPRDF government to evict the surrounding farmers, grab their land and create a wedge to separate East and West Oromia. However, the Oromo people lead by Qeeroo-Qarree movement waged a bloody struggle to abort the plan and brought about the change of government in 2018, where the new Reform Government was installed. The Qeerroo-Qarree paused their struggle trusting the new Reform Government would address the Oromo questions, for which they shed their bloods;

The major Oromo questions for which the Qeerroo-Qarree shed their bloods are:

  1. Restoration of Finfinnee into Oromia that was grabbed by Minilik invasion, exterminating the Oromo from their ancestral land during the occupation of Oromia
  2. Stop land grab in the name of investment
  3. Make Afaan Oromoo the federal national language, as the Oromo nation constitutes about 50% of the Ethiopian population
  4. Respect and implement the self-determination right of all nations, nationalities and peoples

Even though the new government publically promised, on many occasions, to resolve these questions, nothing has been done practically during the last 11 months the government has been in power. The inaction of the government actually emboldened the Finfinnee occupier settlers to argue that the Oromo has no right on Finfinnee. They even attempted to bar the Oromo youth from entering the city during the preparatory activity to receive the OLF leadership returning from their foreign struggle base. The attempt of preventing the Oromo youth from entering their ancestral city by the settlers children lead to bloodshed and loss of lives, regrettably.

Moreover, the Addis Ababa City Administration is erecting condominiums into the Oromia State by evicting farmers from their homes and farm lands. It is illegal to build structures in the jurisdiction of other entities without agreement or permission. This violation of law is committed on the watch of the government of the State of Oromia.  This act is not acceptable by the Oromo people, since it is an implementation of the defeated Addis Ababa Master Plan, surreptitiously. The Oromo are victims of the so called housing development program. Beneficiaries of the condominiums are not the Oromo people but the settlers. Structures built in Oromia without the permission of the Oromia State government should be confiscated and distributed to the evicted farmers.

The Oromia government should cover the cost if required by law. What is illegally taken away from the Oromo people must be restored and put under the possession of Oromia.

Occupying some ones land and denying the right of the natural owners is an act of arrogance. The British colonizers of Kenya did not claim that Nairobi belonged to them and Kenyans were entitled to the rural areas and their cities after Kenyan liberation. No colonizer made partial claim of ownership on the liberated land/country. By the same vein the Oromo people are entitled to total liberation of Oromia in its entirety including the city of Addis Ababa (Finfinnee). Partial liberation is not liberation but bantustanization like the past racist South Africa. The Oromo should re-take the whole of Oromia not a fraction dictated by the settler occupiers. No part of Oromia should be left unliberated, nor be left for negotiation. At the same time, it should be noted that when the Oromo claim ownership over the whole Oromia, they also understand that it is possible to live with the settlers as long as they respect the Oromo ownership over their land (Oromia) and respect the laws of Oromia. Embracing others is enshrined in the Oromo Gadaa culture.

Because the government dragged its feet not to address the Oromo questions, the Qeerroo-Qarree have re-ignited their peaceful struggle to liberate and ensure the integrity of Oromia. The Global Gumii Oromia supports the Qeerroo-Qarree lead national liberation movement until all the outstanding Oromo questions are answered and Oromia is fully liberated. Freedom should be wholesome not partial.

In this spirit, we call up on the government of Oromia and the federal government of Ethiopia to immediately stop playing delay tactics; instead act resolutely and restore Finfinnee under its natural jurisdiction (Oromia) without any delay, not to call for (cause) worst crisis.

We also call on our people to stand in unity and continue demanding the full restoration of their natural rights over Finfinnee, other cities and parts of Oromia such as Raayyaa and others.

March 12, 2019,

Global Gumii Oromia

1 thought on “Solidarity message in support of the ongoing Qeerroo-Qarree lead National Liberation Movement

  1. Thank you for the solidarity message to our heroes and heroines, qeerroo and qaree. We all stand with them!

    The great Oromo people have been in just struggles since they failed into the hands of backward and savage Neftegna welding foreign made rifles a century and half ago. Those who have chosen to stand for the highest cause of our people made rational choices by carefully defining the situations our people have been tangled in. So that they invisioned the likelihood of achieving the highest objective, national self-determination. Hats off to those who have paid the ultimate prices to bring the Oromo struggle closer to freedom.

    Qeerroo and qaree in particular and the great Oromo people in general have been so generous to trust OPDO/ODP to be the custodian of their achievements while their past deed, serving the enemies of the Oromo people and sacrificing all that is Oromo, is still haunting. The Oromo people have also given opportunities to the anti-Oromo individuals and Neftegna children to learn lessons from history and be remorseful. On the contrary, the OPDOs have not moved much from where they were yesterdays apart from warming to new masters and singing to the old dark empire tunes. The anti-Oromo fascists are emboldened by the actions of the OPDOs and the silence of the great Oromo people who are just giving them chances to correct their old political views and be aboard the new era polical outlooks. The few lunatic Neftegna ‘politicians’, ‘journalists’, ‘activists’, etc., are engaged in daily hate propagandas and denying the great Oromo people the ownership of the heart of Oromia, Finfinne (Addis Ababa).

    Finfinne is taken from Oromo by force and Oromia will only be complete by returning the heart to the body, Finfinne to Oromia. In denying the Oromo people of their ancestral land Finfinne, the few individuals beating drum and preaching hatred from Finfinne and overseas exploit both the inaction of Oromia Regional State and Ethiopian Federal Government as well as the political and historical naivety of some Ethiopians, particularly, Finfinne (Addis Ababa) residents. The lunatic fringes, masters of hatred, quote their hidden political agendas with the term ‘Addis Ababe’ and refer to themselves as ‘we’. Paradoxically, in an attempt to deny the Oromo of their ancestral land Finfinne, they take the decent residents of Addis for fool and deny themm of their ancestral ethnic roots. A Simple and logical question any sane residents of Addis must ask themselves must be a genuine question that enables them to find genuine answers. Do these anti-Oromo individuals and media outlets consider Amhara, Oromo, Sidama, Tigre, etc., when they dare to speak in the name of the residents referring to themselves as’we’? Why do they still spit hateful venomous propagandas against the great Oromo people and others? As resident of Addis, am I not part of the ethnic groups in Ethiopia? Am I not Amhara, Oromo, Gurage, Sidama, Tigre, etc., when I live in Addis/Finfinne? Answering these questions in full and honestly would help the residents to make rational choices and stand with their brothers and sisters, the Oromo people. The Oromo questions are just questions!

    A simple question also must be put to those who are in charge of government. Do you want Ethiopia to continue as a country? If the answer is ‘yes’, do the right things and show that you can carry on with genuine reforms. Answer Oromo fundamental questions in full. Work hard to materialise genuine devolution of power and grant federal states greater autonomy and solve Ethiopia’s unholy political crisis, which has been created by the selfishness and mischievous deeds of Neftegna rulers and TPLF tugs and cronies. If the reforms oriented team of Dr Abiy and Dr Lemma fails to deliver on their promises and let lunatic fringes to derail the reform by unduly blocking resolutions to the Oromo fundamental questions and the questions of other peoples in Ethiopia, the country will definitely disintegrate. It is simple to predict that ‘… the prospects are high that political disintegration’ in Ethiopia will happen if the government failed to answer genuine Oromo questions and allow itself to be played by anti-Oromo groups. Ethiopia’s disintegration can only be saved if those who held the peoples of Ethiopia and country hostages for the past 150 years try to learn and change and if the government tries to genuinely address fundamental issues of the Oromo and other peoples in the country.

    All stakehlders in general and anti-Oromo individuals in particular must understand that roaring empty slogans and dehumanizing others cannot help them to maintain the status quo any more. They must stop and think again; they must understand what is at stake and try a new way, ‘… a learning process, a process of trying to think better’. In doing so, they must come to terms with realities. The great Oromo people have put questions which require urgent and genuine answers to the Ethiopian government and will not stop short of achieving greater freedom and ownership of Oromia in its entirety.

    Above all, qeerroo and qaree, as you have shown over the recent years and as you are posing currently, you are capable of taking your people to the next highest stage of our struggle, the inalienable greater freedom. Your unity and organisational capabilities are your great assets. You have demonstrated great civility in all your protests and demands. You have shown that the great Oromo people are always inclusive and the guarantee for freedom to hold in Oromia, Ethiopia and the entire region. You are capable of carrying your fallen comrades’ greateer objectives to fruition. Your own and your people’s destinies are in your hands. Maintain political maturity and work in unison. The great Oromo people and allies are behind you. Your rewards will be greater freedom for your people, yourselves and all nation nationalities in Oromia and the whole of Ethiopia.

    Truth and justice prevail!


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