Stop Sidama Harassment, Intimidation and Unlawful Persecution!! Bring the True Butchers to Justice!!

Stop Sidama Harassment, Intimidation and Unlawful Persecution!!

Bring the True Butchers to Justice!!

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF

December 18, 2018

Over 100 innocent Sidama individuals from all walks of life were persecuted by the federal persecutors for the death of people during the systemically masterminded conflicts in Sidama land in June 2018 when the Sidama nation was celebrating its New Year ‘FICHCHEE’ 2018. From over 100 accused Sidama individuals, there is a person who has been arrested and served life sentence about to be released. He has been accused of posting inflammatory photos in social Media whilst still in prison. His name is Walelign Hatiso who has already served life sentence for the conflicts following Sidama Looqqe massacre of May 24 2002 and about to go free after nearly 17 years in prison for the national cause of the Sidama. The key aim of persecuting of the Sidama people is nothing other than intimidating the nation at this critical time for the crime they are remotely aware of.

The Fact however is:-

Two weeks prior to the Sidama’s ‘Fichchee’ of June 2018, the TPLF/EPRDF’s old oligarchs namely

1. Abay Tsehaye,
2. Azeb Mesfin and some of other with
The Sidama, Wolayta and DEHDEN’s key messengers such as

1. Hailemariam Desalegn
2. Shiferaw Shigute
3. Fiseha Garedew
4. Tesfaye Beljige
5. Samuel Sheba and some others key plotters sat down in a closed door in one of the Sidama business man’s pension in Hawassa with two key objectives-

1. To wreak havoc to undermine Dr Abiy Ahmed’s leadership and
2. To destabilise the Sidama nation- whose Ejjeettos and the rest segments of the society was in the process of lodging their demands for a regional self-rule that has been denied to them for the last 27 years; and for quest the Sidama people paid dearly with their precious lives decade after decade.

After meticulously planning whilst ruminating on their chat (narcotic leaves) and Shiishsha (middle east cigarette) ceremonies, they have finalised Sidama disestablishing plots with key objectives of instigating a full scale war by killing Sidama people in their own soil. To be able to do so, the Sidama police personnel were disarmed weeks prior to this by the Wolyta Police commissioner (the infamous Fiseha Gardew regional commander/commissioner) who armed his Wolayta counterparts police personnel to undertake the mission of Sidama killing in Sidama land.

Moreover, to do their dirty job, the indicated TPLF/EPRDF/DEHEDEN’s criminal oligarchs have dispatched a very well organised, specifically assigned to do a given task, properly funded and armed bandits who were all brought into Sidama’s capital, Hawassa on the eve of the Fichchee from another part of Ethiopia.

Subsequently, the strangers who were transported from unknown location with a mission were made to intermingle with the Sidama street children in Hawassa whose parents were displaced from their lands during the past over 2 decades to vacate it for TPLF/EPRDF’s criminals and their Sidama and DEHEDEN/Wolayta associates. The newly brought strangers told to claim they were Sidamas, but don’t speak Sidaamuaffo. The inner report however indicated most of those who were transported to cause havoc in Sidama land were an ethnic Wolayta gangsters. Moreover, these were the groups who made fake Video that shows the Sidama people burning Wolayta person alive.

The same video has been sent to various Media outlets to use it to demonise the Sidama nation by alleging them as sadistic and barbaric. Sadly, they all labelled their own action on the peace loving, caring and respectful Sidama nation whilst they payed the claimed cards themselves. The Sidama nation isn’t known for doing such barbaric actions to no person even to a wild animal let alone fellow mankind. The Sidama killing mission has been organised and implemented by DEHEDEN and TPLF’s key players with the objective of angering the Sidama nation to create a full scale war in the entire south for the reasons indicated above.

Meanwhile, the south Ethiopia TV production program managed by the Commissioner Fiseha Gardew’s wife is made to propagate false information that demonises the Sidama nation. ESAT made the international community to be repulsed by looking at the faked video that seems to be genuine and shows the burning of alive person, the claim that hasn’t actually happened to any person. It has been just simple fictitious video that has no shred of truth in it.

In the contrary, it was the Wolayta gangsters who have committed deliberate and barbaric crime on Sidama people both in Sidama land and in Wolayta on Sidama students. The Sidama students who were studying in a Wolayta Sodo university were thrown to their demise from the third flower by a Wolayta yobs and gangsters who went on Sidama dehumanising rampage based on fake propaganda of the South TV. Two girls were thrown from the 3rd flower to their death. Dozens of Sidama girls were raped and beaten. The Sidama boys were dehumanised and terrorised. No one has been held into account to this date.

In Hawassa, the Wolayta gangsters organised and armed by Fiseha Gardew and Hailemariam Desalegen were also given ultimate power to terrorise the Sidama people on their own soil. Wolayta gangsters and Fiseha Gardew commanded southern Ethiopia police personnel gunned down Sidama youth and old on their streets. They blockaded some streets in Hawassa to deny Sidama people access and passage. The Sidama people made stranger in their own soil whilst the south TV propagates otherwise. Additionally, to claim they were displaced from their houses in Sidama (Hawassa), hundreds of ethnic Wolayta people were brought from different parts of the country- mainly from Wolayta Sodo to Sidama city (Hawassa) from where they received money and food. This has been made business for several weeks whilst tarnishing the good image of the Sidama nation. Such despicable actions weren’t hidden from the eyes of the Sidama people who remained peacefully accommodating them all with patience and tolerance.

The south Ethiopia police commanded by Fiseha Gardew (then commissioner) went on execution rampage of the Sidama people by killing about 24 and wounding many more in two days alone in Hawassa in addition to the others about 12 killed in Shamana market by hand Grande thrown into a crowed of Sidama and Oromo marketers wounding over 130 people. Here also the evidence has proved that Fiseha Gardew and the rest of these in the picture were behind the conflicts.

In the faces of such on-going killing and denial of access in their own soil by the Wolayta gangsters whom the Sidama accommodated for decades; the Sidama nation whose people unreservedly supported and support Dr Abiy Ahmed’s government remained extremely patient by exercising utmost restraint. The Sidama lost its sons and daughters in its own soil and in Wolayta but didn’t retaliate and never do so. To date the Wolayta gangsters badmouth the Sidama nation and dare claiming that the Sidama land belongs to them. We have no objection to all Ethiopians who peacefully coexist with the Sidama people in Sidama land. There has no history that the Sidama nation has acted contrary to this norm. Besides, subserviently living in own soil denied access will be too much hence we urge the Ethiopia government to seriously look into this matter to find a lasting solution. The Sidama nation remains civil as it has been; but never allow similar criminality in its soil any longer.

Following the Sidama killing mission has been finalised, Fiseha Garedew and Tesfaye Beljige were promoted to a higher statuses to Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) in an exact manner when Hailemriam Desalegn has been removed from the Sidama land after accomplishing the mission of Sidama Looqqe massacre of May 24, 2002. Shiferaw Shigute has been also removed after repeatedly aborting the Sidama ambition to be successful nation. Is it the Sidama nation not Ethiopian? Why successive governments of Ethiopia dehumanise the Sidama nation differently?

While the above are the key players in planning, coordinating, stage-managing, monitoring and observing the conflicts, persecuting innocent Sidama people is nothing other than intimidating the nation to derail its hope and aspiration.

Therefore, we urge these criminals to be urgently impeached by Dr Abiy Ahmed’s government. The Sidama nation’s quest for a regional self-rule must be equally responded urgently as per the constitution of the country. Procrastinating of the Sidama demand is unconstitutional needing an urgent rectification.