Sidama-Ethiopia: Untrustworthy, Inconsistent and Incoherent Leadership And Military Violence Never Brings Lasting Solution in Ethiopia.

Sidama-Ethiopia/East Africa: Untrustworthy, Inconsistent and Incoherent Leadership And Military Violence Never Brings Lasting Solution in Ethiopia.

By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland

With packs of lies, deceits and maliciously organised fake narratives of unionist Ethiopians such as the chairperson of the former G7 whose organisation is re-baptised as ‘EZEMA’ currently advising the Ethiopian PM; Dr Abiy Ahmed is manifesting his true persona in absurd manner – clearly demonstrating his undemocratic and repressive ambitions to rule over the historically denigrated nations of Ethiopia. By ordering the execution of over 145 Sidama civilians and arbitrary imprisoning the brightest group of the nation since July 18, 2019 on one hand; by assigning the killers of civilians of non-Sidama origin living in Sidama land, burning and destroying their properties on another; the current Ethiopian PM and his indicated groups have shown how dangerous they can be to the peoples of the political south; begging their unconditional rejection. 

As we speak, the regime, his unionist compatriots and Medias such as ESAT and ETHIO-360 are masterminding various anti-Sidama projects as the national army under their command post terrorises the nation since the 18th of July 2019. In the contrast- in his cowardly act, his regime doesn’t dare touching those well prepared regions such as Tigray to militarily challenge his regime if he dares reaching their territory. His regime is even unable to legally bring the criminals out of the Tigray region to take them to the capital as they are required by his Kangaroo court from their hiding place in Tigray. Sadly, PM Dr Abiy Ahmed’s regime of Ethiopia is defeated and lost its moral zeal as he orders his militarily to invade and attack the nation within the country that has no army and military power to defend its people from the terrorism of the national army. 

The Sidama nation has peacefully demanded its rights to be honoured in a civilised manner. The response of the regime is barbaric. The uncivilised regimes of the successive Ethiopian rulers have demonstrated patterns of psychopathic tendency as they consistently responded to any peaceful demands of their subjects in Ethiopia with violence since the Sidama nation became the subject of colonial instrument in 1890s. PM Dr Abiy Ahmed’s action is the continuation of such 130 years oppression the reason why the Sidama nation unconditionally rejects as the nation demands for emancipation.

PM Dr Abiy Ahmed’s Sidama and the other historically oppressed nations’ denigrating project has been predominantly implemented in new form in Sidama land since July 18, 2019 by coordinating non-Sidama and Sidama paid assassins to kill the other Ethiopians peacefully lived in Sidama land for several decades to put the blame on Sidama’s vibrant segments of youth intellectuals and professionals in order to justify the execution of over 145 civilians, militarisation of the Sidama land and arbitrary arrest of 1000s of Sidama Ejjeetto and the Sidama Media Network (SMN) leaders and management board. The other non-Ethiopian brothers and sisters, whom PM Abiy’s regime and his unionist compatriots are claiming the Sidama people have killed and destroyed their properties, actually peacefully coexisted with the Sidama people for the last 130 years without grievances, making the Sidama land their own. 

Moreover, even following the demise of the Emperor Hailesilassie’s regime in 1974 when the agents of the then empire received harsh reprisals from their dehumanised subjects in various regions of Ethiopia; the Sidama nation has treated them in humane manner without hurting a single person in spite of their diabolic credentials; for the Sidama to maintain its moral high ground unlike the current hullaballoo of unionists to demonise the nation for the crime they are hardly involved. The Sidama nation is the same and never changes in the aspects of morally and humanely treating those who peacefully live in its soil. Therefore, such made up narratives of the current PM, his intelligence services and unionist advisers are nothing other than unreliable farce and packs of lies of individuals suffering from persistent psychopathic personality. 

Furthermore, any person with pragmatic assertion of the reality could only regard the current PM of Ethiopia Dr Abiy Ahmed as a dramatic chauvinist and inconsistent artist with no values and principles as he swallows his deceitfully regurgitated bluff; even before they fade away from the minds of the subjects. Incoherent with his promises and actions, this PM has officially extinguished the brief light of the promised democracy and equality for all nations and peoples in Ethiopia as his army embarks on a full scale war with a very segments of the society he has claimed committing massacre is defeatism and immoral act that tantamount state-terrorism! Sadly he has also voluntarily allowed his promises to be hijacked by the very unionists whose elites have historically conquered, colonised, dehumanised and brutalised their subjects and to date are working to maintain the status-quo as they yearn for their 130 years old hegemony thereby retract the gain thus far achieved. 

Just 15 months ago since the Ethiopia’s PM has sworn in on the 2nd of April 2018 and vowed to make the massacre and an arbitrary arrest of unarmed civilians a history. He has also ascribed the killing of tens of thousands of political activists, the incarceration of over quarter of a million and the disappearances of unknown numbers of political activists since 1991- to his own party, the EPRDF by officially holding it into account. Diametrically opposing to his own promises of the April 02, 2018; he has however maintained his stance that, the reformed EPRDF is the only party capable of navigating the country through the promised reform and he is the only leader who can materialise this. He is therefore repeating the massacre of the Sidama as his predecessors have committed since 1992. Besides, if this compulsive liar and his die-hard unionists believe that his colonial project crushes the aspiration and dream of the Sidama and the other oppressed nations; he and his cronies must think twice simply because the Sidama and other nations never allow their land to be continually devoured by the colonial hyenas as the sons and daughters of these nations beg on the streets of their own land. 

Apparently, the current PM has officially, although in vain reiterated that, it is the supreme law of the country, the constitution that has unconditionally granted to the Sidama and the rest nations of Ethiopia the rights to regional self-rule. Therefore, he has repeatedly claimed that he has no power either to grant or deny thus; further vowed that no one can actually deny the nation of their rights to a national regional self-rule. The Sidama nation has innocently or advertently trusted this untrustworthy Prime Minister until the nation failed to receive response for their repeated pleas by holding peaceful demonstrations that were conducted between February and April 2019 by all segments of the Sidama society including the April 09, 2019 only women and girls organised and undertaken in the Sidama capital, Hawassa. He has neither responded nor publicly acknowledged that the Sidama nation is right to raise these issues and the reasons behind his government’s failure in conducting referendum. 

Instead, it has become apparent that his security groups in collaboration with unionist Ethiopians and SEPDM’s cadres were busying themselves with planning Sidama demands sabotaging strategy; hence the killing of non-Sidama Ethiopians living in Sidama land by hired assassins unknown to the locals. And this was the time when the PM has contradicted himself by diametrically opposing to all promises- as he has officially started assigning his army to do the same massacre and arbitrary detention of civilians in Sidama land as his processors; as he has officially vowed during his parliamentary report of July 01, 2019 to militarily crush Sidama to reveal the degree of his incoherence with his promises and political direction. As he has threatened, he has employed sheer level of violence as means of governance in Sidama land since the evening of July 17, 2019 to stifle the freedom of people’s choice to managing their own affairs. He has ordered his army to hunt and imprison the Sidama’s youth intellectuals and human rights activists organised under the title, Ejjeetto (literally means a selfless group of Sidama people who earn respect with their action for the society in the aspect of safeguarding its national interest; and this name has been there in Sidama culture since time immemorial); as opposed to the synonymisation of the name Ejjeetto by unionists with evil deeds. In fact, they do evil acts but ascribe it to the Sidama nation using their Medias, from local levels to the international. 

To date PM’s Sidama terrorising army is widely circulating in Sidama land wreaking havoc; and the implication is masterminded to be widespread and lasting. Moreover, the smaller groups such as ‘the association of political victims’ POGUM, fake SLM Diaspora support group led by Sidama appearing anti-Sidama unionists, Sidama National Democratic movement (SNDM) -incepted by G7’s leaders including Dr Berhanu Nega as his surrogates to run unionist’s agendas in Sidama land; are among dozens of the other fake movements fully funded by the anti-Sidama groups with the intelligence of the incumbent and SEPDM- tirelessly working to divide and rule the Sidama nation with significant degree of intensities. Part of such plots include, masterminding a clannish division focusing on Sidama’s Haweela clan where the Sidama’s capital ‘Hawassa’ is located in their final attempt to sow poison as their European colonial masters have done between their African subjects. This is why we maintain our position that, Ethiopia is an empire built on the basis of colonial expansion therefore their aspiration is building the empire by dividing and dehumanising their subjects.

Therefore, we demand the Ethiopian PM and his cronies to refrain from committing genocide on Sidama nation by unconditionally removing its Sidama terrorising army from the Sidama land; instead constitutionally responding to the nation’s demands. We also urge the PM to unconditionally release all Sidama prisoners who are all incarcerated with maliciously masterminded plots without causing any problems to any person in Sidama land and beyond. The criminal regime whose objective is silencing Sidama must stop its Sidama dividing project. The Sidama nation must unanimously reject the PM’s, his cronies and the other unionist groups’ Sidama dividing plan instead consolidating nation’s unity as the Sidama defiantly moves forward with its national resolve. 

The Sidama nation also appeals to the international community to hold the Ethiopian government into account for the crimes it is committing on Sidama and cooperate with us in deploring the regime’s flagrant violation of not only the rights of the Sidama, but also the constitution of the country. We also call upon all our fraternal nations and peoples in Ethiopia to cooperate with us in deploring the actions of and holding the Ethiopian regime into account for its crimes against humanity by demanding it to respond to Sidama’s quest for its rights to a regional self-rule. Those who are behind the masterminding of the Sidama massacre and the non-Sidama Ethiopians since July 18, 2019 must be urgently brought to justice. 

Finally, we wholly denounce and deplore with all possible terms the torture of Tesema Elias Shole (an Assistant professor of Hawassa University) who has been captured by the PM’s intelligence in Adama city of Oromia on the 20th of July 2019; tortured and kept in an open public toilet in scorching sun for 48 hours before he has been taken to Sidama where he is incarcerated with the rest of Sidama Ejjeetto leadership in Hawassa. We demand his and the others 1000s of Sidama prisoners unconditional release and compensation for the crimes the Ethiopian government is committing on them individually and on Sidama nation’s vibrant groups of society as part of committing indirect genocide on future generation to assure nation’s subservience to Empire’s subjugating policy- in general. We make it clear that, an untrustworthy, inconsistent and incoherent leadership can’t bring about a lasting solution in Ethiopia- as their violent actions replicates anything other than further violence instead of supressing the nation it is aiming to subjugate.

The Sidama nation never surrenders its rights to violent rulers of the empire; instead the nation fights in its customary civil manner defying military execution of its civilians employing brute forces.
Unconditionally Free The Sidama Nation And Its People!
August 04, 2019

By Denboba Natie (Can be reached on ‘’)