Shewa Dabo: This unreasonable overnight increase..

Shewa Dabo: This unreasonable overnight increase of the price of bread

It’s interesting stuff to know that Ethiopian govt doesn’t subsidize the farmers in Bale and Arsi who predominantly produce and cheaply supply wheat to the well established chain bakeries based in Shaggar like Shawa dabo while it does for the later.

By the way, is there any govt in this world, other than our anomalous one, which subsidizes a secondary or tertiary processor (a bakery in this case) of an agricultural product while completely ignoring the producer of the product (the farmers)? I just want to learn if there is any.

Girma Gutema

Jawar Mohammed

This unreasonable overnight increase of the price of bread (almost 100%) is unacceptable and should not be tolerated under the pretext of free market. Shewa Dabo should take it back to the normal price. Otherwise, the government should consider this as an attempt to agitate the people and take the necessary legal action. The government should continue to subsidize but should not allow Shewa Dabo to fix price at will.


Godinni Gujii #WBO adamsa jedhaa ummata seeraa fi sirna woraana hin beekne qotee bulaa fi horsiisee bulaa walta raree yuunifoormii itti uffisee fixuuf deema. Waraana #RIB dadhabde ummata misikiina kana dhumadhaa jechuuf malee maan jedhaa ergan?

Nami keenna akka malee ifi eeggachuu qaba. Woraana beekumsaan malee hamileen woraanuun hin dandahamu. Gujiin wal-fixuuf deemu kun adoo dhaabatee wa yaadee dansaa. Dhiira leenjii woggaa dheeraa qabdu walta baasan malee nama womaa hin beekne siyaasa tortoraan sobanii bosonatti naqanii ficcisiisuun kun cubbuu guddoo.

Hooggantoonni godinaalee lamaanii miidhaa qaama lamaanirra gahuu fi gaaga’ama Gujiin itti deemaa jiru kanaaf gatii akka kafaltan ofirratti eegadhaa. Yoo mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaa isin dirqisiisaa jiraate gad-bayaa dubbadhaa.


  1. Ethiopia, the land of ridiculously odd things!

    Well, even in the west where capitalism has long been established and competition among companies provide choices for consumers, governments have the mandates to set minimum and maximum prices for specific goods in order to manage affordability of the goods. Farmers and producers are subsidised instead of private companies so as to keep them producing and supplying essential goods such as food and raw materials.

    Dr Abiy’s government must act with immediate urgency to stabilize the food market and protect the people, particularly, the poor who are on the receiving end of greedy price increase by unethical “business people and businesses” in that country. If Shoa Dabo is let free to hike the price of loaf on the watch of the Ethiopian government, the Ethiopian farmers, especially, Oromo farmers who have been robbed for over a century are justified to wake up to the reality, and demand reasonable prices for their produces. Simply, if Shoa Dabo and other bakeries are allowed to double the price of bread, farmers in Oromia and else where in Ethiopia must receive the dividend in a form of fair price for their grains and other produces.

    Away from the market (price) issues, the very sad news of the poisoning of WBO who have returned to peaceful struggle by voluntarily giving up their weapons, and camping under the protection of government is not only troubling but also an attack on the great Oromo people as well as the Ethiopian government and the Peace-loving Ethiopians. WBO who responded to the call from Abbaa Gaddaas and the Ethiopian government, and willfully gave up their weapons and entered the camp provided by the Ethiopian government are under the full protection of the Ethiopian government; Dr Abiy’s government as well as Oromia regional government are fully responsible for their safety and well-being. Therefore, the federal government and Oromia state government must honour their commitment and guarantee full safeguard of these former WBO personnel who are under their protection. They must investigate the incident of the poisoning and bring the culprits to justice urgently. Oromo, qeerroo and qaree, you have the right to demand and ascertain justice for our heroes and heroines. The poisoning of WBO must be taken seriously and considered as poising of all of us. Those responsible for this politically motivated crime must face justice; no ifs and buts. Period!

    The reform team must come out of political naivety and open their eyes to the realities on the ground. They must understand the intriguingly complex nature of Ethiopian politics and the backwardness of most political actors, who readily use machiavellianism marred with medieval cruelty. Particularly, the anti-Oromo lunatic fringes and the ultra nationalists who are proclaiming doomsdays using neo Neftegna fascist media outlets should not be ignored. The Oromo people of Wallo and north shawa have already become the victims of the fascist ultra nationalist extremist propagandas. The Ethiopian government is fully responsible to protect the safety of all Ethiopians and must not have any elusion. The irresponsible and violence inciting activities of some organisatons must not be confused for freedom of organisation and expression. By the way, even in the west where the justice systems are strong enough to ascertain the full rights of citizens, extreme and right-wing organizations are kept under controls or banned altogether. Funny enough, Dr Abiy’s government has opened doors wide for lunatic fringes to organise gangs and the country is awash with gangsters running anti-Oromo gangs, particularly, in the name of the Amhara people. While the decent Amhara people are fully entitled to have a national organization which is committed to promoting their identity and interests, they must be alert to dangerously extremist elements who are bent on creating expansionist tendency which will hurt their peaceful coexistence with their brotherly neighbours. The Amhara people must ask themselves: do the individuals speaking in their name measure up to the greatness of these proud people or are they being used by immature lunatic fringes?

    Equally, the Ethiopian government in particularl and all Ethiopians in general must rise up to hatemongers and extremist individuals and media outlets. All Ethiopians must take responsibility to save the peoples of that country from genocide which was started in the 19th century and continued to date in one form or another. The targets of hate propagandas and ethnic cleansing have been the Oromo and other historically subjugated nationalities in the Ethiopian empire. Young Ethiopians, read between lines; we are not in the 19th century anymore. Every ethnic group in that country is as capable and brave as the “Amhara” who anti-Oromo lunatic fringes are agitating to use against the Oromo to repeat Menilik’s buturing of innocent civilians in Oromia and other regions of the country. Stop and think. Do the anti-Oromo individuals and the media outlets manufacturing false news, for instance, ESAT and the ‘Facebook activists’ have your interests at their hearts? Do former red terror and white terror participants have morale authority to speak to you about the new Ethiopia you want to live in? Do the anti-Oromo propagandas and false news manufactured and disseminated have more values than your coexistence with your brothers and sisters, the Oromo people? Well, the Oromo people value mutual respect and coexistence with their brotherly and sisterly neighbours. Nonetheless, they are capable of protecting themselves and friendly neighbours from any attempted threats. Qeerroo and qaree are the shields of their people and the defenders of those who seek their protection. Remember, the great Oromo people have overcome a century of government sponsored terrorism and genocide. The future is in their hands, the sky is NOT the limit to what they are poised to achieve for themselves and other Ethiopians.

    Qeerroo and qaree, put pressure on the Ethiopian government and Oromia state government to get justice for the poisoned WBO.

    Respect to our martyrs and victory to the great Oromo people!


  2. Obbo Olana,

    You raised very good points! Please send it as an article to Ayyaantuu admin so that it will be published separately.

  3. Dear Barii,

    Thank you very much for your generous compliment. I would have loved to upgrade my short comments to the level of article (I think the points raised need to be substantiated with further research and expand in order to go beyond mediocrity). Unfortunately, due to the nature of my profession, I am currently a bit pressed timewise, and am unable to produce articles for publication. I would, therefore, be delighted if any of our writers or academicians or Ayyaantuu staff writers could take up the points in my comments, and develop them for publication as article.

    Best wishes

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