Ethiopia Arrests 34 Senior Government Officials for Corruption

Ethiopia Arrests 34 Senior Government Officials for Corruption

CorruptionJuly 26, 2017 – The government has arrested 34 senior government officials and business people for alleged corruption, according to Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO), reports ENA.

During a media briefing he held today, GCAO Minister Dr. Negeri Lencho said the government has started crackdown on rent seeking and more than thirty persons have been arrested.

He added that the study carried out thus far indicates that this number will increase.

The suspects currently arrested include people from governmental institutions and the private sector.

The senior government officials are from Addis Ababa Roads Authority, Federal Roads Authority, Sugar Corporation, Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and others, the Minister disclosed.

The measure will be extended to regional institutions, he stated.

Detailed information on the arrests will be given later, it was indicated.

The measures had to be taken because the government has the responsibility to promote good governance and ensure development with equity and benefit all sectors of the society, the Minister underlined.

Source: ezega

The Government on Tuesday arrested 34 senior government officials, businesspersons and brokers for alleged corruption amounting to more than 1.15 billion birr.

Below is the list of the individuals who are currently under custody.

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority

1. Engineer Fekade Haile
2. Engineer Washihun
3. Engineer Ahmedin
4. Minash Levi, Tidhar Construction
Damages of more than 198.8 million birr
Ethiopian Roads Authority
5. Abdo Mohammed
6. Bekele Nigussie
7. Gelana Bori
8. Yeneneh Assefa
9. Bekele Balcha
10. Gebreanania Tsadik
Damages of more than 646.9 million birr
Metehara Sugar Factory
11. Endalkachew Girma
12. Senait Worku
13. Ayenew Asfaw
14. Belete Zelelew
Damages of more than 13 million birr
Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation
15. Musa Mohammed
16. Mesfin Workneh
17. Wassihun Abate
18. Seyoum Gobena
19. Tamrat Amare
20. Aklog Demissie
21. Getachew Negera
22. Worku Abinet (PhD)
23. Tamiru Debalke
24. Yonas Merawi
Damages of more than 51.2 million birr
Tendaho Sugar Factory
25. Abebe Tesfaye
26. Bililign Tassew
Damages of more than 31.3 million birr 
27. Abebe Tesfaye
28. Yemane Girmay (GYB Construction)
29. Daniel Abebe
Damages of more than 20 million birr
30. Feleke Tadesse
31. Ephrem Tadesse
Damages of more than 10 million birr
Omo Kuraz V Sugar Factory
32. Mesfin Melkamu
33. Solomon Kebede
34. Leo (China GG Ishi General Manager)
35. Tsegaye Gebreigziabher Berhane
Damages of more than 184.4 million birr

Source Addis Standard