Seife Nebelbal Radio, Eyob Comments About Oromo, March 7, 2019

Seife Nebelbal Radio, Eyob Comments About Oromo, March 7, 2019

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  1. Eyob, I do not have to tell you that all OLF members and sympathizers have been incarcerated incommunicado by Abiy. You cannot expect them to issue a press release from fascist-ethiopian prison. Instead, please, add your voice and forward our concern to get them all released.

    Abiy is not the son of Oromo, he is born to an amara mother and he himself married to an amara woman, not that I care about his ethnicity or family but his hate towards my people and his endeavour to keep the status quo of Ethiopian colonialism in Oromia. Since he is brought up in Oromia he is the type of man that mercilessly bite Oromia’s breast that fed him. In that regard, he is worse than both Meles and Mengistu when it comes to Oromo question. I suspect that the whole team-lemma, in general, is a collection of descendants of amara settlers who speaks Oromiffa.
    The question of Finfine is not an issue that can get a beneficial settlement to Oromos without Oromia’s independence. Since any settlement you make now is like making a deal with a squatter occupant of your house to let you use not all of your house but part of your kitchen after he/she is done with preparing his/her food. So, do not wish to waste time on a non-issue. Let alone under Abiy and this tplf-custom made federal arrangement, even a genuine federal arrangement would not further Oromos interest. It will only bring more homelessness and eviction to our people whose origin happen to be in the neighbourhood of cities like Finfine.

    What I think OLA should consider seriously is:
    – Making a call for a nation-wide national service. Every-able person should serve MOTHER OROMIA. He or She need not join the OLA but help their own community by participating in clandestine local government, advancing the interest of their own locality, giving voluntary services to people (Specially families of elder, the sick, to those families whose loved ones are unjustly imprisoned by Abiy’s fascist Ethiopia).
    – On behalf of OLF, OLA should not only issue Oromia citizenship certificate to the citizens of Oromia but also issue a temporary- and permanent-residence permit to non Oromos who comply with and respect the nationhood of Oromia subject to renewal every other year until the Oromo people democratically in a referendum either re-affirm the status of nationhood or reverse it to unite with anyone nation they like and in any form of arrangement they choose. I think OLA has the natural mandate to issue Oromia citizenship than Abiy’s colonial ethiopia.
    – Furthermore, OLF should ask the residents of Oromia to boycott everything ethiopian until the referendum.
    – Ola should also set up a clandestine network, study circles, clandestine local- governments devoted for the betterment of Oromia, elected by the local residents throughout Oromia, with a moto “MAKE OROMIA BETTER FOR ALL OROMOS”. The local government should foster collective governance but should stand down and call an election immediately when the local residents show dissatisfaction with the local government. In unliberated areas, universities, colleges and local schools, can serve as the headquarters of the clandestine local governments.

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