Sad News: RIP: His name is Galib Abba Sambi, a teacher by profession,

Sad News: RIP: His name is Galib Abba Sambi, a teacher by profession,

This innocent Oromo named GALI ABBA SAMBI, a teacher by profession, is shot by four bullets and thrown in to the jungle by Abiy Ahmed’s security force in Jimma zone of Oromia, ethiopia. Though treated, he couldn’t survive. His crime was that he is born brother of an Oromo activist named YAA BESHIR who is in exile in Sweden.
Our condolences to the family and the whole Oromo nation. The teuth will win!
Haatahu male kun haamilee nu hin buusu akka sabaatti yoo nu jabeesse male.
His name is Galib Abba Sambi, a teacher. He is a brother of the prominent Oromo activist

Yaya Beshir. He has no committed any crimes. But 2 days ago while he was at home with his spouse and children, Abiy security forces took him away without any questions. The security forces took him to a nearest forest and gunned down him. Unfortunately there were villagers around who they heard the the gunshots sound, they came out around immediately and found him. They took him to Jimma Hospital. However After two days of treatment, he was unable to survive. During The TPLF/EPRDF system, no family has much targeted for the sake of the other family members of political opinion. When we say Abiy is the most worst dictator African have ever, several didn’t believe us. But later they understood how Abiy is mercilessly killed family members of those who opposed him. I really So sad  my deepest condolences to my brother Yaya. May Allah Grant him Jannatul Firdaus.

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