Revisiting Our Thinking Towards Oromo

Revisiting Our Thinking Towards Oromo

Thousands gathered in the capital Addis Ababa ahead of the arrival of rebel group OLF from Eritrean bases on September 15, 2018.

By Worku Burayu (PhD), September 22, 2018

In my previous article under the title “Rethinking How We Perceive Oromo Liberation Front (OLF),” I have mentioned the need to change our thinking to OLF and to become diligently ready for answering our own questions. Oromo appeared determined to follow that direction as it was evidenced on September 15, 2018 in Finfinne and all over Oromia. The Oromo people made and sealed, difficult to deny practical history, in his home land how far they are loving OLF. It is the turning point where it become difficult to separate OLF from Oromo and vice-versa. This is not the new beginning for Oromo people to love OLF. It has been there in their heart for half a century. In the past, if you talk in Afaan Oromo and discussed about Oromo and Oromummaa, it is customarily individuals to ask you, “are you a member of the Oromo liberation Front (OLF)?” as if the cause of Oromo is solely given to OLF. If somebody came to Oromia from abroad, the first question he was facing, “what is OLF doing there? as if OLF is originated in Diaspora.” If people rise for their right and want to express their feelings through peaceful protest in Oromia, it is routinely for some to ask you, “why OLF is not controlling the protest? as if OLF administered the country.”

Presently, after OLF leaders came back to their fatherland, the question is changed. More than four million people at one site, the blessed “Walttajji Hora Finfinne” site, and many other million also across Oromia showed their love for their genuine visible front on the same date. When people lined in millions to welcome his beloved organization, OLF, and their gracious fighters, OLA, they are asking you “why is an OLF become a secessionist,” as if struggling for self-determination is a secessionist agenda. If something bad happens in Oromia it is easy to label OLF as fast as possible, as if OLF is created the situation. It is too many to mention all. What seemed new at this time is the uncivilized nature of some of the residents who exist with us in Oromia to block roads in order to hinder the warm welfare to the OLF leaders and the courageous freedom fighter, OLA to their home land. If I were them, our guests, I would have prayed like these: Lord, thank you for creating these generous people and their beautiful land. Lord, we want to pray for peace, love and unity in the entire Oromiya and Ethiopia. Lord, let their child, OLF, be blessed and fully-fledged to run this country peacefully.

Although various Oromo political organizations use different paths, all of them travelling the same journey; holding on to the principles that are important to all of us, the journey of love, peace and unity.  I can assure you all of them are anti-politics of hate. Before this date (September 15, 2018), disturbances and hooligan actions never happened to the welcoming ceremony of other political organizations who entered the country at various time. Why this time? We don’t expect answers from others. The indication was there, there on September 08, 2018.  Unless our intelligence is not working properly, we can easily understand from that day’s slogan, what would come in the future.

In my article “Unload your borrowed package to load one of your own,” on Ayyaantuu Website, I have hinted those unhealthy signals just for your attention. A week later, the situation has manifested itself in very uncivilized manner. Thanks to Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo and other peace-loving people for showing tolerance and high-level of maturity for the welcoming event not only to happen but also to be one of its kind in the history of Ethiopia. By reading and understanding each other, being endurance for more than 36 hours in rain and bad weather, and by walking more than 300 km long distance on foot, you have showed the Ethiopian peoples and the world how committed and amazing you are for your cause. The world watched, the Washington Post and Al Jazeera posted and our friends and enemies witnessed together that the event was the loveliest day in the Ethiopian record. If individuals are ready to learn from, an able person could learn many things from that event how far Oromo are ready to lead their own country in the right direction, and to create the genuine unity of the entire country, if it is necessary.

I am not hesitating to tell the fact that there has been no unity of purpose, let alone unity of love, in Ethiopia. One-sided extremists, the so-called unity by force, see themselves differently from how they see the Oromo people and others nations and nationalities. They are absorbed in their own perceptions, reactions, and cognition at the same time that their experience of others is dictated by what can be observed externally. This basic irregularity has broad consequences. It leads individuals to judge themselves and their own behavior differently from how they judge others. Often, those differences produce disagreement and conflict, the conflicts that led to the 150 years fights, the fight of Raya and Bale against the subjugation, the “Arma Muraa and Harka Muraa of Anoolee, and the massacre of Caalanqoo.

The ability to identify, negotiate and resolve differences in Ethiopia is lacking in general. The time is to that ability to come and prevail. To do this, let the people in Oromia and our neighbors reexamine their thinking towards Oromo people and its vanguard front, OLF. Understanding the emotional basis of those differences may help mitigate some of their negative effects. There are at least three directions of malicious thoughts to label OLF as evil organization. These are:

(1) The Old dogs,
(2) the still unchanged remnant behavior in the ruling party,
(3) and the envious entity.

The Old dogs– there is a saying that “YOU CAN’T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS!”

Many Ethiopians have commencing enjoying the beginning of the change, the change that came through blood and flesh of QEERROO BILISUMMAA OROMOO and the other branches of the societies. The consumed fanatics that is difficult to teach new skills and change their habits, start barking with their last breath to backpedal the prevailed opportunity. A day after welcoming ceremony of OLF leaders in Finfinne, a crime committed to a six-year Oromo girl was the prearranged plan by those addicted radicals to provoke clashes between Oromo and other ethnic groups living in Oromia, to black list the struggle of QEERROO BILISUMMAA OROMOO and OLF. These addicted radicals, wanted past regimes, particularly the king and the military junta regime’s philosophy still to govern the future. They wanted to rule our thinking, our conduct, and our approach to others. The situation is a devil spirit.

People have toppled both systems for once and forever, but there are individuals or groups who carry the characters of that system. They considered themselves as they are the only troops of the Ethiopian unity. They tried to convince us theirs is the only philosophy that united Ethiopia. They wanted to produce the election of 2005 as evidence of the convincing point for their claim. They haven’t understood or wanted to ignore it purposely why they were the better candidate during that time.

As saying goes by “When the cat is not there the mice dance,” without the involvement of OLF they danced particularly in Finfinne  (Shagar). Now when the real time comes, the time that glorify the presence of OLF and the unity of Oromo political organizations including ODP, the then dancer without the presence of the AbbaBiyyaa, has started sabotaging Oromo mass organization and mobilization work particularly in Finfinne and the surroundings vicinities by doing evil works such as provoking different ethnic groups against Oromo people and wanted to blackmail the OLF and its leaders.

The shouting of some media to fume the occurrences and trying to inflame the situation is not unusual. It is the usual activities of theirs to show us what was happened in other countries as if it was occurred in Ethiopia to instigate conflicts that lead to killing of innocent people, destroying the property and disrupt the peaceful and co-existence of the peoples. Doing such kind of sabotage and using for propaganda purposes is their habitual work, the only experience they are good at it, but the slog that overlooked by others for longer time. By doing so, they wanted to destabilize the minimum present federalism and trying to rolling back to the unitary system undermining the beginning of the change.

As Oromo proverb says, “The calf that spends its days with the donkey learns to fart,” these anti-people learnt the bad experience from the dying TPLF system and wanted to use as copy and paste. The killing of a six-year-old child in Burayu three days ago that incited conflicts are one of the many examples they are trying exactly to copy and paste from the massacre of Badenno in 1992, and wanted to blame others.” But here is what they don’t understand: Years of sabotage, on one hand, caused greater damage to the society in general and to Oromo in particular. Years of painful experience, on the other hand, uplift Oromo conscious to higher level to figure out who did it? And why now?  Right now, it is not difficult for Oromo to sort out the bad from the good as it is not difficult for a grain farmer to “separate the wheat from the chaff.” The chaff is the husk surrounding a seed, the part of the grain that is generally thrown away. Oromo is mature enough to throw away the chaff from the grain.

The remaining two points mentioned above will be discussed in my future article.

Horaa Bulaa!