(Resolution of High Command of Oromo Liberation Army)

(Resolution of High Command of Oromo Liberation Army)

(4 December 2020) (qondaalaa)—–The now-defunct ruling coalition EPRDF was forced to a process of ‘reform’ and Abiy Ahmed was appointed as Prime Minister after the bitter struggle of the Oromo people spearheaded by the peaceful resistance of its youth, the Qeerroo. In this struggle, during the last six years alone, more than 10,000 Oromos were murdered, and thousands were imprisoned.

In 2018 when Abiy Ahmed deceived almost the entire political establishment in the country by few gestures such as lifting the state of emergency, ordering the release of political prisoners, allowing exiled rebels to return home, and unblocking some websites, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) commanders were able to see through this carefully orchestrated shenanigans of the Ethiopian Empire and refrained from legitimatizing the regime. Unfortunately, almost all political parties in the country who preferred to legitimize the regime stood against the OLA for the mere reason that OLA saw through the deception and denied to disarm, and asked for a transitional arrangement.

Even though the sabotage has been massive, the Oromo Liberation Army continued its armed struggle against social injustice, in harmony with the social revolution by articulating clear political objectives to realize the fulfilment of the national aspiration of our people and exercise its legitimate right of self-determination. However, very early in the ‘reform’ process the Nobel peace prize laureate, Abiy Ahmed, waged war against internationally recognized inalienable human rights including the right to self-determination.

Consequently, PM Abiy Ahmed has ruined thousands of innocent human lives in Oromia for the last two and a half years. The war crime against Oromo and other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia are partially documented by internationally recognized human right advocates, indicating Oromia has been commanded by a military rule. Along with, arrest, torture, rape, burning and looting properties, destroying crops, and extrajudicial killings have become the routine of the Ethiopian army. Some of these crimes against humanity were reported by Amnesty International on May 29, 2020, and July 18, 2020 (Amnesty’s report).

PM Abiy Ahmed also organized a criminal army called Oromia special force that kills innocent civilians by labelling them as members or supporters of the Oromo Liberation Army to defame OLA and use the propaganda to justify the war against OLA. This propaganda is supplied to some well-recognized individuals and media to mislead the world. For instance, the sabotage of killing Amharic speaking community in Wollegga was orchestrated by the Oromia special force commanded by Abiy Ahmed and Shimelis Abdisa and was passed on as if it was a deed of the OLA to Alex De Waal2 posted on BBC website and Genocide watch3 posted on genocide watch website to defame OLA.

After Abiy Ahmed Army brutally murder a 13 years old boy, Abdub Kottola Boruu, in Borana forest around Areero, the Prosperity Party members called for a meeting and dishonestly televised as if it was executed by OLA on the state-sponsored television called OBN to instigate inter and intra-ethnic civil wars. Additionally, Abiy Ahmed has employed many paid Facebook user accounts to misinform the mass and defame genuine political parties, organizations, and fronts.

All these crimes against humanity, masterminded by Abiy Ahmed to stay in power for an extended period are also against the will of our people and our objectives. So, the Oromo Liberation Army urges everyone not to use these wrong accusations and propaganda in their analysis and media to serve the tyrant Abiy Ahmed’s regime unless claimed by OLA or communicated with the concerned authority.

The Oromo Liberation Army believes the root cause of the instability in Ethiopia and the wider Horn region has been the sustained violations of internationally recognized human rights that our people have been determined to achieve and paid a heavy price for. The current attempt at subjugation takes many forms.

Firstly, all Oromo political prisoners from all walks of life: farmers, students, teachers, lawyers, business entrepreneurs, government employees, engineers, medical doctors, pharmacists, youth, elders, men, women, children, etc were brought to prison accused of being the members of OLF, ONC or OLA and are subjected to tortures and ill-treatment in a very harsh prison. For example, public figures like Abdi Raggasa, Lammi Beenya, Gammachu Ayyaana, Jawar Mohamed, Bekele Gerba, Yazo Kababa, Kaayyoo Fufaa, Aman File, Mika’el Boran, Kennasa Ayyaanaa, Diriba Waqjira, Ginbar Nagara, etc are languishing in this prison because of their political views. Secondly, every single day a lot of suspects of either supporters or members of OLA are subjected to death by the brutal Abiy Ahmed’s regime. Abiy Ahmed, instead of respecting the democratic rights of the people, preferred waging war to physically eliminate OLA and the Oromo people.

Therefore, OLA is forced to take up its natural obligation to protect itself for the sake of the realization of the aspirations of the Oromo people, the very reason for the existence of OLA in the first place. The OLA is fighting not out of choice but out of necessity for the survival of the Oromo people both physically and mentally. Therefore, it should be understood by all that:

 The Oromo Liberation Army has taken action only to defend the people against the tyrant special force and militia that were burning civilian houses, looting properties of the people, torturing people, and raping teenagers of both sexes taken from prisons. On November 25, 2020, in the Southern Oromia, Jidola camp at 5:30 pm, OLA took an action and killed 70 special force tyrants and wounded 90. The coordinators of the campaign Mabratu Robe have been found dead after this fight.
 Two additionally patrolling Special Forces moving from Harqallo to Jidalo in Balanbal area at the place called Mazora, 18 tyrants were killed and the 2 patrols were destroyed on November 25, 2020. Likewise, OLA opened fire on the same day on tyrants moving using lorry (Isuzu) and 1 patrol from Jiddola to Balambal area at the place called Dhaka Qawwee and several tyrants have been killed and wounded.
 Additionally, on November 25, 2020, special forces moving from Haraqallo to Jiddola at 4:00 pm around Mado Guraaqallo at a place called Biyyo Dima, OLA had taken an action fully dismantled 1 patrol and killed 5 tyrants and wounded a lot. In this action, OLA has taken bold action in the Guji Zones and killed at least 93 tyrants and wounded 132. The wounded tyrants were hospitalized in Negelle Hospital.
 Oromo Liberation Army on November 26, 2020, at 3 in Horro Guduruu Wollagaa district, Amuruu area OLA took an action while the tyrant army was moving from Jarte to Amuru at a place called Laga Hangar to harass the people and 15 tyrants were killed and 20 wounded.

In western Oromia Zones, the fighting has been intense, with more causality reported by travelers. But, at this moment the tyrant has disconnected internet and telephone communication to hide its defeat and the crimes that its army has been committing on innocent civilians.

The list above is only a non-exhaustive illustration of OLA’s operations in Oromia. Wherever there are crimes of the tyrant there are also OLA’s counter-operations in self-defence across every corner of Oromia including Wallo, North-West Shewa, West-Shewa, Jimma, Ilu- Abbaa-Boraa, Arsi, Bale, Hararge, Gujii, Wollegga, and Boranaa. And, the coordinated action led by Oromo Liberation Army at Cawwaaqaa, Buunnoo Beddelle, Hidhabu Abote, Mida Qanyi, Moyyale, Amuru, Jarte, Ebentu, Gooroo Adoolaa, Bulee, Jiddoolaa, Balaambal, Gimbii, Dirree Xiyyaaraa, Awwaday, Kamise, Baatee, Bosatti etc are a little part of the whole.

The Oromo liberation army would like to bring to everyone’s attention the extrajudicial punishments and human rights violations that are being inflicted on Oromo and other oppressed nations and nationalities, not because they committed any crime, but simply because they attempted to exercise their inalienable human rights that are universally recognized.
In addition, OLA condemns the brutal crackdown on civilians taken by the special force of Abiy Ahmed and his deed of deceiving the international community by disseminating flat-out wrong and/or misleading information that greatly contributes in destabilizing the Horn of Africa.

Finally, OLA calls upon all regional and international human rights and political authorities especially the UN, US, EU, AU; Ethiopian nations and nationalities, neighbouring countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, etc to interfere, for the sake of human dignity, in never-ending, but not well noticed political problem that is threatening not only the local but also regional political stability in the Horn of Africa.

With Best Regards
Victory for the Oromo and Oppressed people!
December 3, 2020
The High Command of Oromo Liberation Army

Intergovernmental Organisations:

  1. African Union
  2. European Union
  3. UN Security Council
    State Governments:
  4. The Federal Government of Somalia
  5. The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt
  6. The Government of Djibouti
  7. The Government of Republic of Kenyan
  8. The Government of the Republic of South Sudan
  9. The Government of the Republic of Sudan
  10. The Government of the United Arab Emirates
  11. The Government of the United States of America
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  13. Oromia Broadcasting Network
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  14. Alex De Waal
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