Reported heavy fighting inside of Gondar city

Reported heavy fighting inside of Gondar city

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Fighting close to Ras Deshen mountain in Amhara -Sudan military civilian tensions

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  1. የልደት በዓላቹ የደረሰ የብልጽግና ሠራዊት እጃችሁን ለጀግናው ሕውሓት በመስጠት የልደት በዓላቹሁን በደማቅ ሁኔታ እንደምናከብርላቹ እንገልፃለን፥፥የሠርግ በዓል ለማድረግ በዝግጅት ላይ ነን፥፥ዝግጅታችንን እንዳጠናቀቅን በይፋ እንደምንናበሥር ከወዲሁ እናሳስባለን፥፥የልደትና የሠርግ በዓላት አዘጋጅ ኮሚቴ

    It is quite saddening to see what TDF is doing now; Do they fail to put themselves in the shoe’s of those Tegarus who lost their eyes, hands, legs,i;e amputated, got excised, dismembered and left to be handicapped and lost their precious lives ? Many bereaved families who lost their beloved one’s do not even celebrate sacred feasts as usual apart from lighting candles, feeding the poor . It is quite a melancholy moment for many people in Ethiopia, let alone to the people of Tigray and Oromia: most people either have a deceased relative, or imprisoned . If not, they have someone among the extended family member who is forcefully recruited to serve as cannon fodders for the prosperity party dominated by Amhara . Celebrating the birthday of an Ethiopian soldier who was killing and looting Tigreans in such ridiculous manner while children are starving to death and gun down in their own village is an unusual form and the most hilarious forms of propaganda that any country has entertained in its history. You are teasing those Tegarus who lost their closest family members and extended families, relatives & etc . I hope , OLA will not do such a thing.

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