Report: “Eritrean troops despatched to Oromia”

Report: “Eritrean troops despatched to Oromia”

A report from the Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) underground network inside Eritrea says that some Eritrean forces have been moved from Tigray into Oromia. “Our members have the following information on the situation in Tigray. Thousands of newly trained national service members have arrived in the past 3 days.
There is also disturbing news that some Eritrean army troops are heading to the Oromia region to halt advances by the Oromo Liberation Army (Oneg Shane). In particular, Eritrea’s 22nd division has been dispatched to Oromia. Haregot Furzun is the commander of the 22nd division and two of his brigades are in Oromia region now.”

ፋኖ ፋኑዬ ከዚህ ቦኅለ ዲሽቃ መሸከም ብቻ። በTDF የተማረኩ የአማራ ልዩ ሀይል ናቸው


  1. አሳደህ በለዉ ያንን ነፍሰገዳይ ተልከሽካሽ ነፍጠኛ ወንበዴ
    መድረሻ አሳጣዉ በለዉ ኩርምቱን(መንጋጭላዉን) አስኪደዉ በዳዴ

    TDF and their leaders have no time and interest to take selfie,self-taken photos like Abiy and his coward Comando marching in the villages to kill mothers and their kids. We, Tegarus, are proud to tell the world the fact that we have leaders who struggle and fight against invaders, dark forces(የጨለማ አበጋዞች ) with their comrades, TDF, the young brave army who surprised the world with their military competence and feat. Our Leaders already demonstrated their administrative skills by lifting Ethiopia from poverty and made this country full of traitors to be the fastest-growing country.

  2. Undoubtedly , OLA will crush this mercenaries(kitregna ye eritra wetaderoch )

    We will also dismantle eritrea and its government without doing any harm to its civilians soon.

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