Reminder to all Oromo Affiliated Media Outlets: Ayyaantuu

Reminder to all Oromo Affiliated Media Outlets

Reminder to all Oromo Affiliated Media Outlets: Ayyaantuu



By Falmataa Sabaa (PhD)

(Ayyaantuu) -While I was listening to RSWO Bitooteessa 23, 2017 (see below) reports of the annexation of Chinaksen, it blew my mind and I wanted to remind the Media Outlets focused to Oromo issue and other sympathizers of the nation of Oromia. Oromos are glad to have you all the media outlets reporting our cause to the Oromo nation and the globe.

It is clear that Oromos are struggling with colonizers of Oromia. The inevitable victory of Oromos could be around the corner or might take a while. It is highly desirable, therefore, that we have clear, detailed and non-controversial documents on the evil deeds of the alien taking place now and then in Oromia. Yoo dandeenye ammumma iyyu ishee buqifna, yoo dadhabne seenaa barsisaa ijollee keenya itti gudifina. Kanaafuu ragaa haqaa fuula addunyaatti dhiyesinee biyya abbaa keenyaa ittiin falmamachuuf ragaan keenya biffa hin shakisifneen kawachuu qabna. Senaanis galmesuuf ragnan haqaa fi gahaa ta’e barbaadamadha. Kun boree dha! We need to never forget prophetic words of our forefathers who stated the inevitable departure of the colonial hegemony, though.

Therefore, especially with issues related to scrambling of Oromia and Oromo genocide by the colonial power in Oromia, your efforts need to exponentially increase not to miss any. Because, it is becoming clearer than ever that the rulers of the Ethiopian empire, guided by their evil spirits and moving in the dark, could further intensify murdering of our people using any means available to them.

Hence, to unhide their hidden crime, Oromo affiliated media outlets should effectively plan so that you could maximize your share to reverse the burden on the Oromo and Oromia. The least your interview should contain: name and address of interviewee (respondent) and interviewer (which can be kept confidentially), subject of the interview (the question) and response of the respondent without further synthesis, the effects and time of the occurrence. Exhaustively generate responses and document the original data unprocessed. It is preferable to have video compared to only audio. Whenever possible it is important to document in multi-faceted access: hard copy, electronic copy (hard disk, external disk) and pictorial etc. You may use the generated information for your immediate purpose but never change the row data (response) intended for documentation so that its future credibility will not be compromised. Remember that habesha are now in tie for the fabricated lie because they fail to predict future verification.

Sabakoo Jabaadhu!