Religion “I have closed down over 6000 churches and mosques

Religion “I have closed down over 6000 churches and mosques in my country and I now demand a degree in theology for every religious leader. Stop playing with people’s faith and making a business out of it. Rwanda already is a blessed country”, says President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

Yaada kana ni deeggartan moo ni balfitu ?
Ani gama kiyyaa Ethiopia keessa erga dhufuu hirriba nagayaa rafee hin beeku. Sagale guddiftuun mana Kadhaa keessaa Guyyaa hunda halkan Guutuu irraa balumu Fayyaa nama dhoorga.

Kadhannaan Waaqaa / Rabbii na argaadhaan sagale guddiftuun osoo hin taane Very peace and very quiet place environment barbaada. Hubannaan ummata Ethiopia ammallee fagoodha ykn Miiraan socho’u. Kanaaf , namoonni waan akkanaa qeequu irraa of qusatu. Anillee sanirraa tokko.

Garuu Heerri Ethiopia tumatte akkana jedha
” There arenoise standards for Ethiopia set by the Federal Environmental Protection Authority, in accordance with WHO guidelines. The loudest permitted noisefor residential areas is 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night.”

Hamza Wariyo

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  1. Thanks for the observation. Just don’t know whom to contact. Sometimes I think about removing all loudspeakers unilaterally. There a law but city administration is extremely weak or lenient to enforce.
    It is like war here in Ambo. Do citizens have the right to sleep peacefully?
    I think there must be a police crack-down on noisy churches and mosques!
    Does the almighty God require loudspeakers to disrupt people?

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