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Regional Autonomy for the Sidama Nation Now!!

Source (SNLF-Facebook with elaboration) October 28, 2017

Never in its history has the Sidama nation experienced debilitating abject poverty and crippling hopelessness it is facing today. The TPLF regime deliberately impoverished the rich Sidama land by looting its resources dry. It controls the entire Sidama coffee trade. The construction industry in Sidama is also being controlled by TPLF and its associates. Furthermore, the service contracts are wholly awarded to the TPLF and its members! See from various evidences “How the TPLF Regime Exploited the Sidama Region” for the last 26 years.

The TPLF’s colonial regime has meticulously premeditated, systematically planned, vigorously implementing and efficiently monitoring the impoverishment and enslavement of the Sidama people. The policy of the TPLF regime to Sidama nation is indifferent from the European colonial powers who have done serious harm to their African colonies, if not worst. For how long the Sidama nation tolerates it arch enemy (TPLF) and its collaborators (PDO’s) who are dehumanizing the Sidama people and humiliating the Sidama as a nation?

Moreover, the Sidama nation is obliged to raise Birr 800,000,000 for fake Hidasse (Dam) as we speak. To obey their colonial master, and its collaborators, all the Sidama’s poor peasants (who are unable to feed their family single meal a day) are obliged to sell the only cattle they possess to pay between Birr 300 and 500. Those who are impoverished hence beg on the streets are also obliged to pay at least Birr 100 each.

The Sidama nation has been entirely dispossessed of its rich resources. Thousands of the young Sidama men and women are today begging on the streets of not only Hawassa but also of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). Begging used to be taboo in Sidama culture among all its society. But today, thanks to TPLF, the Sidama men and women are begging not only in their own land but also in other regions of the country. This is a catastrophe unfolding in Sidama land as we speak. The Sidama nation is humiliated by the TPLF’s colonial regime for the first time in its history. This is a calamity unfolding. This is a historic humiliation deliberately imposed on Sidama nation by TPLF. For how long the Sidama nation remain silent?

Historically, the Sidama nation heroically defended their interests and fought all injustice imposed on them by the successive regimes of the last 130 years. How come now they voluntarily allow themselves to be humiliated, not for a short period of time, but also for over ¼ of a century? Why do your son and daughter remain silent whilst the nation’s survival is at stake? For how long does the nation beg colonial regime and its collaborators?

The Sidama people have two and only two choices: die silently an excruciating death on your own land or rise to demand their constitutionally guaranteed rights to regional self-determination now! Stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed nation, most importantly with your closest cousin, brave Oromo people who are heroically demanding freedom and justice. Reject any attempt of creating division between you and your neighbours!! Never allow collaborators to deceive you to fight with your cousin, the Oromo nation. There are indications that the TPLF is gasping for its final breath, hence preparing to ignite war between the Sidama and Oromo nation. Never allow the TPLF to drive you into conflict with your cousins, instead cooperate with the Oromo to fight it to the last drop of blood. This regime has humiliated you more than all its predecessors combined.

Thus, never do any pact with the TPLF and its collaborators. Stop it today!
This is the regime denied you, your constitutionally guaranteed elementary demand to regional self-determination. Moreover, this regime has taken away the regional right from your hands to impoverish you. Now you’re impoverished! What are you waiting for? Dying silently? What do you miss if you reject the TPLF and fight it? Are you coward? Not at all! The Sidama nation is not coward and the history affirms this!

Demand your constitutionally guaranteed rights to regional autonomy, today to decide on your future, to fight poverty, and political marginalisation. Unite with the Oromo nation and never allow the TPLF sow poison between the two fraternal nations.

The time is today! Start your alliance with the Oromo nation to fight the TPLF today.
Never Say tomorrow!

The Sidama Nation with the rest peoples of Ethiopia Asserts its freedom sooner than later!

Sidaama Kaii!

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