Ethiopian parliament summoned out of recess, fresh protests in Oromia

Ethiopian parliament summoned out of recess, fresh protests in Oromia

Daniel Mumbere with AGENCIES

(africanews) — Members of the Ethiopian parliament have been notified to reconvene from their recess for an emergency meeting this coming Friday , according to a local news portal, Addis Standard (AS).

The news was also carried by state affiliated FanaBC, which reported that the legislators are expected to report for duty as early as Tuesday this week.

The national assembly is expected to discuss and ratify a state of emergency that was installed by the country’s council of ministers following the resignation of the prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn.

The legislators would also be expected to approve a new premier who will be nominated by the ruling coalition that is set to start its congress on Thursday March 1.

Ethiopia’s ruling EPRDF sets Congress date, new PM
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Addis Standard also shared a video on its social media feed that showed protests that have erupted in the Oromia town of Nekemte.

Protests have been banned under the state of emergency but many analysts including Ethiopia’s allies in the international community have criticised the restrictions imposed by the government, which they say could reverse any gains made by recent moves such as the release of political prisoners.

Over the weekend, opposition leaders from the Oromia region were briefly detainedby the authorities after they tried to address a rally in Nekemte.

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  1. If any OPDO member approves Tigre terrorism and massacre of Oromo children they should dig their cave deep in Tigray. This the most important test of OPDO. Either they prove to they stand with the enemy or the Oromo people, but not both.
    The deposed Lemma Magarsa should also announce his immediate resignation and stop talk of Oromo unity if he fails to order Oromo MPs to vote against genocide. Oromo people should follow only orders from their genuine heroes in OFC like Marara Gudina and Bekele Gerba.

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