Re-Imagining Ethiopia as a “nation state”?ልሙጥካርታ ? ልሙጥባንዲራ ?

Re-Imagining Ethiopia as a “nation state”?#ልሙጥካርታ ? #ልሙጥባንዲራ ?

In some countries, it is the law that politicians clearly indicate all constituent members of the country when producing and using maps officially, this is specially true in multi-national countries e.g UK, Switzerland, Belgium etc.

Abiy is clearly provoking people by ignoring the federal state lines. There is no ‘nation’ in Ethiopia, there are nations and nationalities. The constitution of Ethiopia does not recognize the country as a nation, it rather sees it as collection of many nations.

Abiy is shitting on the constitution when he utters such nonsense words.

We can build a nation yes but now there is no nation called Ethiopia. It is a federation of nations, it is more of a geographic definition than a social or cultural one.

On a positive note, at least he has not included Eritrea in his ‘nation’. The guy is lunatic, he could have included it, trust me. And remember that the facebook page is directly controlled by himself personally so no doubt that such idea of ‘nation’ is his.

Edit: I did not even see on the map that Ethiopia now extends to Indian Ocean and there is no Somaliland.

Biyya Oromiyaa

Kaadhimamtootaa KFO warra qabsoottii miidhame , warra akka ABO lubbuu ofii sabaaf kennu sirriittii qoramanii kaadhimamuu qabu.
Sababbiin isaas filannoo baroota darban irratti sagalee sabaa mallaqa xiqqoon gurguratanii biraa deemaa turan waan argineef ragaas ittii qabnuuf dubbataa jirra.

Fakkeenyaaf Adaabbaan ragaadha.

Mohammednur Guye