Re: Caffee Oromiyaa should act on Finfinnee!!

Re: Caffee Oromiyaa should act on Finfinnee


The gov’t of the state of Oromia is the only gov’t in the Ethiopian federation, if not in any federal system in the world, which rules its state sitting in a capital city that it doesn’t rule at all. All state gov’ts in all federations rule their respective state together with the capital of their state and no sensible reason can be provided as to why this should come as an exception in the case of Oromia.

Finfinne as a garrison town of a typical colonial construct has been harboring all sorts of hostile anti-Oromo and reactionary elements of mainly Abyssinian descent over the last 130 years and now, they are publicly vowing to mobilize all residents of the city against Oromo’s legal, constitutional (as supported by geographical and historical facts too) and hence legitimate quest for abbaa biyyummaa on Finfinne. Given sedimented prejudice and lingering Oromophobic tendencies built over decades in the societal power structures among significant number of even apolitical residents of the city, chances are not insignificant that these elements cause some conflicts that could potentially affect the bondages
Of the wider Ethiopian society. They are trying to do this taking advantage of the fact that Oromia state gov’t doesn’t rule its own capital from where it rules the state of Oromia. This has to end, and it has to end now.

The constitution of Oromia is clear about the territory of Oromia and the federal constitution also complements it clearly stating that there are only nine regional states, the sum total of whose territories would constitute the territory of the Federal state of Ethiopia—formally known as Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia or FDRE. No gov’t that ruled the state of Oromia willfully ceded any piece of land to the federal gov’t ,as known to the public, and no Oromo political group agreed to cede Finfinne land and give it away to be a federal district during the constitutional negotiations, 1991-1994, and this has clearly been reflected in the 1995 constitution which doesn’t recognize Finfinne either as a city state by itself or a federal district in the Ethiopian multi-national federation. The federal constitution says the administration of the city will be accountable to the federal gov’t — this shrewdest administrative power slicing apparently made by taking advantage of the weakness and/or naivety of the Oromo group/s that negotiated the constitution and its makings.

Therefore, Caffee Oromiyaa (Oromia parliament) should immediately issue a resolution to fully take over the administration of its own capital Finfinne. Plus, in case if there come out elements who oppose the move by presenting constitutional argument that Oromia’s complacency with the status quo about the city since the constitution was approved in 1995 can be seen as its approval of Finfinne’s land being sliced out of Oromia and ceded to the federal gov’t to whom the city’s administration is now accountable, Caffee Oromiyaa should issue a resolution that its land be returned back to the state and the federal gov’t start paying rents for the land it using in Finfinne or find other places to relocate its capital to. This has been the experience in even more matured federations like USA, case in point being its capital Washington DC. DC was established as a federal district on 259 square kilometers land jointly donated by the state of Maryland and Virginia in 1791. Citing disenfranchisement in the state and unnecessary tensions with the fed gov’t as its reasons, Virginia reclaimed back the land it initially donated to be a federal district and took it back in 1846—that’s 54 years after the federal gov’t started administering and developing the land. As a result, the territorial boundaries of Washington DC had to be limited to its current area of 177 square km.

If the aforementioned constitutional argument is to arise, Oromia’s move will have more or less similarly reason with that of the state of Virginia—-that allowing Finfinne to cede from Oromia disfranchises the state of Oromia by rendering it territorially non-contagious, and also, Finfinne’s edifices rooted in the characters it retained from its colonial construct will continue to be the source of tensions in the yet to start democratization process of the Ethiopia state.

Which ever way, Caffee Oromiyaa should act, and it has to act now. No doubt that Oromo legal community can bring this city with confused status (ownerless in the words Mr Ermias) back to its natural place in a legal/constitutional battle under the current constitutional dispensation.

Via: Girma Gutama

Hubannaa Finifinneef qabnu.
Yaada lamaatu Wal falmaa jira.
Tokkoo: Finifinneenu qaama Oromiyaa waan taateef #Daangaa wanti jedhamu hin jiru, kanaafu bulichiinsaa naanno Oromiyaa jalaatti buluu qabdi Kan jedhu Yoo ta,u
Lama: Haala Amma Finifinneen irraa jirtu hubannoo keessa galchuuni , Dangaani Finifinne Kan #Heerri Mootummaa teessisee darbee naannoo Finifinnee hunda ofi jalatti galchee jira. Galchuu qofaasi osoo hin taane bulichiinsaa Finifinnee jalatti galee jira.
Haaluma kanaani #Filannoo Asi deemaa jiru yaada keessa galchuuni Finifinneen haala amma jirtuuni Oromon sagalee tokko illee waan argattu natti hin fakkaatu.
Gaaffii : Filannoo tokko moo isaa lammataatu oromoof Fala jettuu yaada laadha.
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