Racists who ask for freedom… Andargachew….

Racists who ask for freedom… Andargachew….

Think about Andargachew Tsige many times and I will leave it. It would have been a little better than other unitary political activists. I know Andargachew more than I have heard from his books.
They have put their political views in the books. ′′ A liberator who doesn’t know freedom “… ′′ Generation shouldn’t speak, let’s also speak.. And the one who published last year has written..” the memorial book..”
I didn’t want to talk about the books, but I wanted to write a story about it at the end of the book.
Bethelhem Tafese has put his opinion on the book ′′ LTV Memories ′′ Andargachew Tsige Woyane. .. TPLF doesn’t believe them.. he thinks they are going to rise even dead… etc wrote points.
Of course Andargachew Tsige might have the truth.. He might not believe the system he brought from Yemen. But let me raise one issue that made me think TPLF has brought the suspect down to the people. I found the story in the book..” The Memorial Note..
His stay was in an unknown villa for two years. Two keepers say they were waiting for it on shift. The second one shows them how kind they are when the second one is too much.
He keeps both of them are Tigers. Andargachew tried to investigate how he was able to do this in his own way when he was in prison.
Finally, Andargachew says.. I know that my guardian is 25 % Gondar who is measured by his mother’s race… Maybe he is the reason why he can help me, he will ask if he is a raccoon.
Have you thought about it until the old grandmother counted one small blood chain… Maybe when the child helped me there is no more racism than this!!! The child is Tegaru who helped Andargachew only by humanity.
But Andargachew didn’t believe this. Not until his ex-grandfather, he was ready to count his son’s help with his race. This is really shameful.
Kirubel said ′′ racist people who ask for racism ′′… who look like Andargachew.
But it would have been better if ′′ racist who demand freedom…”
Finfine Times imes 

The head of the Amhara region ‘ Gizachew Muluneh said, the youth of Amhara should join the national defense force and fulfill their obligations on protecting Ethiopia, while sacrificing their lives for the existence of the country.
A message sent by the head of information to the ‘ Amhara youth s’ were part of this speech.
Nj nj.. n Addis Ababa.

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