Raayyaan Ittisa Biyyaa Akka Caalamanii fi gar malee akka dhuman…

Raayyaan Ittisa Biyyaa Akka Caalamanii fi gar malee akka dhuman akkasuma garaagarummaan gidduu isaaniitti akka argame Ofii isaaniitii himan.

Norway set to pay 27 million kroner in aid to Tigray region in Ethiopia

Fighting between the rebels and the authorities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has forced thousands to flee. Norway will provide NOK 27 million in aid to help those affected.

“The support will go to emergency aid both to the people of Tigray and to the refugees who have crossed the border into Sudan,” Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) noted in a press release.

So far, around 40,000 people have fled Tigray across the border into neighboring Sudan.

“Refugees who have managed to cross the border into East Sudan report a major humanitarian crisis – violence against civilians, families who have fled without their belongings, and children who have strayed from their parents,” Eriksen Søreide added.

The government’s contribution will go to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Red Cross, and local partners.

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Powerful speech by Lord David Alton today at the UK House of Lords about the crisis in Tigray

Norwegian Ethiopians and Eritreans unite against the war in Tigray

On Saturday, both Ethiopians and Eritreans demonstrated in Byparken in Stavanger in southwestern Norway against the civil war that has broken out in Tigray.
  • “We ask the international community for help”
  • “What’s happening in Tigray now is terrible””
  • I have family in the area. I do not get in touch with them”
“All communications are cut,”said Aregawi.
Of the around 100 demonstrators there were many Eritreans.
One of them was Tedros Tseagay.
“The civil war Ethiopia concerns us to a very high degree as well. There are 150,000 Eritrean refugees in Tigray,”Tseagay said.
A local politician called for a halt to hostilities and a solution to the conflict through dialogue and respect for other views.
Leader of the Eritrean Committee Finn Våge appealed for support in resistance to local Eritrean associations and churches that cooperate with the dictator in Eritrea.
An Eritrean Orthodox priest who does not cooperate with the Eritrean regime ended this important demonstration.