Tartiiba qubee jijiiruun furmaata hin ta’u.Qubeen tokko hundee biyyaa..

Tartiiba qubee jijiiruun furmaata hin ta’u.Qubeen tokko hundee biyyaa tokkotti.

Qubeen Afaan Oromoo barachuun qubee Ingilifaa barachuu jachuudha. Arra qubee Afaan Oromoo tartiiba jijiiruun dhaloota haaraya jeequudha.

kan nama nyaatuu nu keessaa jiraa!!salphumati qubeen keenyaa ykn biyyaa keenyaa jijiraa jirtu dhoksadhaa.kuni furmaata miti qubee keenyaa dhigaa keenyaa .qubeen keenyaa mallattoo keenyaa.qubeen tokko hundee biyyaa tokkotti .isin dhoksati nuu jijirtuu silaa

Qubee Afaan Oromo A B C

Qubee Afaan Oromoo

Qubee Afaan Oromo ABCD byTeklu

haay laay bilisumma afaan oromoo
qubee haraa bilisumma afaan oromoo. yoo ta’uu kan barreessame afaan oromootiifi kanaafu akka fedhii keessan ta’ee baratan abdii guddaa qaba. seenaa afaan keenyaa wajjiin haa barreessinu.

Qubee Afaan Oromoo (Oromo Alphabet)

Professor Alex: Hello there, I am professor Alex. Today I am pleased to introduce you to my outstanding student Hawi. Our speaker grew up in Oromia and graduated at the top of her language class. Her talk today is entitled “Oromo Alphabets”. Hawi please welcome. The stage is yours.

What is wrong with OPDO? It seems it wants credit for something from the Oromo people. OPDO caused  tragedy after tragedy to the Oromo People because of its contribution of misery by siding with the ruthless dictatorial regime of TPLF in that country.

 OPDO has no positive contribution to Oromia or Oromians. The OPDO officials are trying to steal history from history makers, that is what the mindless idiots do. OPDO now finished all its resources to fool people. Now OPDO came from nowhere as history maker. There are plenty of things to do in Oromia for example, combat drought, construct roads, hospitals, combat diseases,  ets.  OPDO once again chose to be in the wrong side of the Oromo people’s struggle.

Pleas take time to read the following quote

  Take time to calm down
You may be tempted to call the person out right away, but Uzzi says this is a “big, big mistake.” There is no sense in making a scene in a meeting or confronting your colleague in the hallway. “You look petulant, like a kid who’s folded her arms and is pouting,” says Dillon. Plus “if you’re emotionally piqued at being ripped off, it’s not the time to talk about it. Neurologically your mind is not working at its best and you may get out-argued,” says Uzzi. Take a day or two to calm down. But don’t stew about it for so long that, by the time you talk to the person, you’re ready to explode.  You also want to make sure the incident is still fresh in everyone’s mind.