Qoqqobbiin Uggura Geejjibaa Qeerroodhaan labsame guyyaa jalqabatti

Qoqqobbiin Uggura Geejjibaa Qeerroodhaan labsame guyyaa jalqabatti

The Premier has today announced restrictions on businesses as part of Stage 4.

Supermarkets, grocery stores, bottle shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, banks, newsagencies, post offices – plus everyone involved in our frontline response – will continue to operate. This means there is absolutely NO NEED to panic buy, these will all remain open.

Retail, some manufacturing and administration will have to cease onsite operations for six weeks from 11:59pm Wednesday 5 August.

Retail stores will be permitted to operate contactless ‘click and collect’ and delivery services with strict safety protocols in place, and hardware stores will remain open for tradespeople only, as well as ‘click and collect’ and delivery services.

In industries that can’t close, but where we’ve seen a number of cases or emerging new risks, we’ll be making some big changes to make these workplaces safer – for workers and for their families.

That includes mandated reductions to the number of workers onsite. In the meat industry – and based on the minimum required to operate safely onsite – the workforce will be scaled back to two-thirds. This will apply to abattoirs in Melbourne and across the state.

Warehousing and distribution centres in Melbourne will be limited to no more than two-thirds of the normal workforce onsite at one time. I will post more detail on manufacturing this afternoon.

Our construction sector, will also move to pilot light levels. For major construction sites, that means the absolute minimum required for safety – but no more than 25 per cent of the normal workforce onsite. Small-scale construction will be limited to a maximum of five people onsite.

All open businesses and services will have until 11:59pm Friday 7 August to enact a COVIDSafe plan, they will also have additional requirements including extra PPE, staggering shifts and breaks, health declarations and more support for sick workers to ensure they stay home.

For businesses and industries that fall into grey areas when it comes to their operation, the dedicated Industry Coordination Centre within the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions will consider their case.

For businesses that suffer significant losses or need to close, we will provide support through our expanded Business Support Fund – businesses in regional Victoria can apply for a $5,000 grant while those in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire can apply for up to $10,000 in recognition of spending longer under restrictions.

Qoqqobbiin Uggura Geejjibaa Qeerroodhaan labsame guyyaa jalqabatti daandiwwan guutuu oromiyaa bifa jedhamuun cufee oolera.

KMN:- Hagaya 03/2020

Qoqqobbiin Uggura Geejjibaa Qeerroodhaan labsame guyyaa jalqabatti daandiwwan guutuu cufee oolera. Guutummaa oromiyaatti labsii Qeerron kutaa lamatti qoodee labse jechuun labsii qoqqobbii diinagdee dhaabbatoolee filataman irratti akka godhuuf labsee ture guyyoota muraasa darbaniif kana hojiirra oolee ammas itti jiruu fi Labsii Uggura geejjibaa magaalaadhaa gara magaalaatti godhamu akkasumas imalawwan Oromiyaa qaxxaamuranii taasifaman ugguruu har’a eegaleen bu’aa boonsaa argamsiisuu odeeffannoowwan oromiyaa kallattii afran irraa nu qaqqaban ni addeessu.Imalli magaalaadhaa gara magaalaatti godhamu guutumaan guututti bifa jedhamuun ugguramee kan oole Yoo ta’u iddoowwan tokko tokkotti konkolaataa uggura kana darbanii deemuf yaalan irratti tarkaanfin akka fudhatame maddeen keenya gabaasanii jiru. Imalli magaalaadhaa gara magaalaa haa ugguramu malee magaalota keessatti akkuma Qeerron labse sochiin idilee itti fufee oolera.

Gaafin yeroo gabaabaa Uggura Geejjibaa kun qabatee jiru “Hidhamtootaa siyaasaa hunda haal duree tokko malee hiiksisuu, Art Haacaaluu Hundeessaatif haqa gaafachuu fi hiree ofii ofiin murteeffachuu Ummata Oromoo mirkaneessuf” kaayyoo jedhu qabateera.

Uggurri Sochii geejjibaa guutuu oromiyaa kun guyyoota as adeemaniif Kan itti fufu yoo ta’u mootummaarratti dhiibbaa diinagdee guddaa fidas jedhameera.

በመላዉ ኦሮሚያ ከከተማ ከተማን የሚያገናኙ መንገዶች እና ኦሮሚያን አቋርጠዉ የሚያልፉ መንገዶች ሙሉ ለሙሉ ተዘግተዋል::
KMN:- Aug. 03/2020
በመላዉ ኦሮሚያ ከከተማ ከተማን የሚያገናኙ መንገዶች እና ኦሮሚያን አቋርጠዉ የሚያልፉ መንገዶች ሙሉ ለሙሉ ተዘግተዋል:: ” በነፋጠኛዉ የአብይ ስረዓት ላይ የተጠራ የኢኮኖሚ እና የትራንስፖርት እቀባ” በማለት በቄሮ የተጠራዉ አድማ ሁለትኛዉ ዙር ማለትም መንገድን የመዝጋቱ ዛሬ ተጀምሯል::

በተለያዩ ቦታዎች እገደዉን ተላልፈዉ የሄዱ ተሽከርካሪዎች እንዳሉ የተገለፀ ሲሆን በነሱ ላይ የማስተማሪያ እርምጃ መወሰዱን ቄሮ አሳዉቋል:: ከዚህ በተረፈ ከከተማ ከተማ የሚንቀሳቀስ ተሽከርካሪ የለም:: በከተሞች ዉስጥ የተለመደዉ የንግድ እንቅስቃሴ እንደቀጠለ ሲሆን አንዳንድ የከተማ ዉስጥ የታክሲ አገልግሎት ሰጪዎችም በራሳቸዉ ፈቃድ አድማዉን መቀላቀላቸዉ ነዉ የተገለፀዉ::

የዚህ ዙር የትራንስፖርት እና የተመረጡ የንግድ ተቋማት ላይ የሚደርግ እቀባ ላልተወሰነ ግዜ የሚቀጥል ሲሆን, ዋናዉ ግቡ የታሰሩ የኦሮሞ ፖሎቲከኞችን ያለ ምንም ቅድመ ሁኔታ ማስፈታት እና ለተወዳጁ አርቲስት ሃጫሉ ሁንዴሳ ፍትህን ማስገኘት ሲሆን, የረጅም ግዜ ግቡ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ የራሱን እድል በራሱ እንዲወስን ማድርግ መሆኑን ቄሮ ባወጣዉ መግለጫ ተመልክቷል::

Haadha Siinqee Podcast would like to present an interview with Dr. Tsegaye Ararsaa. On the subject below:

Qoqqobbii Gejjibaa Oromiyaa Guutuuttii Gaggeeffamaa Jiruu Irratti, AF-gaaffii Tsaggayee Ararsaa wajjin goone.
On the call for Economic Boycott, with Tsegaye Ararssa
በሰሞኑ የቄሮ የተቃውሞ ጥሪ ላይ፣ አጭር ቆይታ ከጸጋዬ አራርሳ ጋር።

Please note: this podcast is in three languages, first in Afaan Oromo upto the 24th minute, then in English upto the 53rd minute and finally in Amharic.

Telile Bongase (Host)

Tsegaye R Ararssa

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