Qophii Raadiyoo Arraata Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa Fulbaana 27, 2021

Qophii Raadiyoo Arraata Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa Fulbaana 27, 2021

ODUU fi Odeefannoo WBO’N Eebba Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo Zoonii Kibbaa Oromiyaa Irraa Ammaa nu gahe

Baldhinaan Oduu Gabaasa Waboo Fi Injnoo Hojjachaa jiranii


  1. OLA + Jaal Gammachu Abbooyyee & our current LEADERS IN THE FIELD,

    So long as you remain TRUE to the aspirations of our people for National liberation and freedom from the Amhara Settler Colonial State, the Oromo Nation will STAND by you! You have PROVED your mettle in this regard so far, AND you ALL HAVE EARNED OUR RESPECT AND ADMIRATION! THE OROMO FARMER WHO SHARES THE LITTLE FOOD HE HAS WITH YOU IS VOTING WITH HIS LIFE TO SUPPORT THE G*D GIVEN RIGHT OF OUR PEOPLE TO FORM OUR OWN INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC! LET US NOT FAIL HIM!

    Onward to an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic!
    Waaqa Gurracha Oromo Waliin!

  2. We the Oromo people are in a SWEET spot right now! We have STRONG AND YOUNG leaders and a highly motivated fighting force with thousands more lining up to join our Oromo Liberation Army!

    Forward to an Independent Oromo Republic!

  3. Yoni,

    I completely agree with your assessment of the current status of our people’s struggle for National Liberation!

    For every weak link who falters and fails, or for every brave soul who fights and falls, the Oromo Nation is at a stage where it entertains thousands of extraordinarily motivated youth rearing to join the armed struggle for the liberation of our people from underneath the suffocating armed Nafxagna Amhara Settler State!

    This is how a system which shuts down any and all means of peaceful protest & dissent DESTROYS itself! This is why time is up for Abiy’s BRUTAL armed Amhara Settler State called Ethiopia!

    Btw, Great work, as usual, Raadiyoo Arrata Biyyoolessa Oromia!

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