Qeerroo fi Qarreen Jimmaa “Tokkummaan Bilisummaaf jecha oolan!”

Qeerroo fi Qarreen Jimmaa “Tokkummaan Bilisummaaf jecha oolan!

Ladies and Gentlemen

The counter revolution has arrived!

Inter ethnic violence is NOT an epidemic. It’s not an Ebola virus. It’s not coincidence that in just two weeks we witnessed violence between the Hararis and Oromos; Gedeo and Oromo; in Hawassa; in the displacement and killing of Amharas in Oromiyaa!

The military and security arm of the State is now deployed by the TPLF to reverse reform! They have decided to totally destabilize the country and delegitimize Abiy Ahmed and his government! This is a coordinated effort by the deep state and TPLF old guards. Now Seyoum Mesfin’s analogy of Hercules’s fight makes sense. They are doin everything to uproot the popular support base of the pro reform forces in the entire Ethiopia and trying to float and choke these forces in the air!

In other words, the EPRDF has split between OPDO/ANDM on the one hand and TPLF/SEPDM on the other. Siraj Fegessa and Shiferaw Shigute are the attack dogs who took it upon themselves to realize the TPLF project in the South.

We SHOULD ACT! People should know, organize, closely monitor and abort every attempt to incite such violence;especially the people in Oromiyaa and Amhara region should be vigilant and spot agent provocateurs.

The Ethiopian people and all forces seeking political change in Ethiopia should now join hands to resist and over come the Counter Revolution.

No! Not this time TPLF!

And by the way we should now petition for ESFNA to reconsider its decision of inviting the PM! Time to Act!
Derese G Kassa