Qeerroo: The Catalysts of Change & Transformation In Oromia-Ethiopia

Qeerroo: The Catalysts of Change & Transformation In Oromia-Ethiopia

It is great we are rejoicing the little flicker of hope beaming from Oromia/Ethiopia. However, we must never get carried away to the point of lifting the result of the struggle while forgetting the force, the courage that made it possible. Qeerro Oromo

We know that Qeerros who made the change possible, who made the courage of Dr. Abiy possible are still in prison all over the place. It is great to celebrate progress. I am for that. But, the victory belongs to those who had the courage to speak, to stand and to fight tyranny and repression when it was costly and deadly. All of our political prisoners especially Qeerros need to be freed immediately and without condition.

We cannot bask in the glory they ushered in and abandon them in the darkness. The other issues are, Dr. should create a Truth and reconciliation commission to find facts about the disappeared, those killed in custody and let their families know. What that means is, release those who are alive and reunite them with their families and if they are no longer, give these families closure by providing them the truth. This regime owes the truth to the people it wronged.

Second, the border issues and the on going killing especially in Hararge region did not receive the seriousness it deserved in yesterday’s address by Dr. Abiy. He needs to do more to secure their safety contingent with the Oromia regional government. We cannot wholeheartedly celebrate change when some part of the country is experiencing violence on a daily bases without no concrete plan to address this issues.

The international Rights group have called for the dismantling of Liyu police because the atrocities they are undertaking on a daily bases on border communities. The governing body should look at this request seriously. The bedrock of Democracy, rule of law, reform and so on can only be possible in the presence of real peace and security.

By:Najat Hamza

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የዛሬ ጥያቄሽ ለምን #ከፍያለው_ተረፈ ተፈታ የምል ነው ፣ አንድ እግር አራት ጊዜ መቁረጥ እንደሚቻል አሳያቹን፣ይህ ሁሉ ግፍ ሳያንስ ለምን ተፈታ በማለት በቁስላችን ላይ እንጨት ሰደድሽ፣ ከድርጊታቹህ በላይ ጥያቄሽ አሳመመኝ፣
#ሰው_መሳይ_አውሬ !! እውነትም የቀን ጅብ !!

Temesgen Gemechu

እናቶች፣ እኅቶችና ሚስቶች ‘የታሰሩት ይፈቱ’ እንጂ ‘የታሰሩ ለምን ተፈቱ’ ሲሉ በፍጹም የተለመደ አይደለም። ይሄ ደግሞ በኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ሳይሆን በየትኛውም ዓለም ተመሳሳይ ነው።

እውነቱ ይህ ከሆነ የፓርላማ ተወካይ ከሆነችው ሙሉ ገ/እግዚአብሔር ይህን የርኅራኄ ባሕሪ ማን ወሰደባት? ይህን የእናትነት፣ የእኅትነትና የሚስትነት ፀጋ ማን ገፈፋት?