Psychopath Narcissist Dictator, the Ethiopian PM’s Sidama Cadres

Psychopath Narcissist Dictator, the Ethiopian PM’s Sidama Cadres are Continually Imprisoning Sidama Intellectuals and Human Rights Defenders to Silence the Nation.
December 05, 2020
The Sidama nation has bitterly fought against the Neftegna’s oppressive systems since the nation has been conquered by king Menelik II’s colonising army during its expansion of 1890s. Additionally, the Sidama nation as the rest of the conquered nations in Ethiopia has bitterly fought to earn its rights to statehood. In the process, the nation has paid huge sacrifices of lives including the executed over 247 Sidama civilians since the former PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed assumed power in April 2018 -following the Oromo led revolution (with sacrifices of over 5,800 Oromo civilians).
Assistant Professor Tesema Elias Shole, one of the true sons of the Sidama nation has been unlawfully incarcerated for the third time by dictator Abiy Ahmed’s handpicked Sidama cadres whose hands are stained with the bloods of innocent civilians who are also morally and financially corrupt quislings. He has joined the other Sidama’s over 347 prisoners including the former Hawassa mayor ‘Tewodros Gabiba’, the former Hawassa prison commanders with the two Sidama’s lactating women to date remain incarcerated. Some of these prisoners were arrested during June 2018’s Abiy’s and Neftegna’s first Sidama destabilising plot. During June 2018’s unrest, over 67 Sidama civilians were executed by the project led by Neftegna agents including the former Southern Ethiopia’s fake regional state police commissioner Fiseha Garedew, the former SPDM’s executive secretary Tesfaye Belgigie who have effectively masterminded the Sidama unrest to have an excuse to kill and arrest as many Sidama as possible. They have achieved their hideous plot.
After stage managing the Sidama’s June 2018 unrest, the indicated criminals were elevated to high authorities in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) from where they aid the planning of war against Oromo, Tigray and the rest of the federalist forces. Paradoxically, as history repeats itself, they were lifted in an exact manner the former PM Hailemariam Desalegn has been lifted from the southern regional state leadership by late PM to his office and subsequently to a foreign office after managing the Sidama Looqqe massacre of May 24, 2002 where over 69 Sidama civilians were executed in broad day light.
Following July 17, 2019’s Narcissist Abiy’s and his unionist advisers’ masterminded Sidama execution project; over 174 Sidama civilians were summarily executed by Abiy’s national army- over 5,000 Sidama civilians- predominantly intellectuals were incarcerated in relation to the Sidama’s demand for Statehood.
Abiy’s regime has done all at its capacity to stop the Sidama’s stride toward national self-assertion although the unity of the Sidama nation has disabled its capacity as the later gained international recognition. Therefore, after executing over 247 and unlawfully incarcerating over 5,000 civilians in such short span of time (between June 2018 and July 18, 2019), he has unwillingly gave up and succumbed to the heroic demand of the Sidama nation.
However, Abiy’s and his unionist associates plots haven’t stopped there. After failing to stop the Sidama’s stride towards statehood; he and his unionist associates have planned to play their usual foul by having advocates in the Sidama’s dearly earned state installed. The current Sidama cadres including the infamous corrupt criminal, Desta Ledamo (half Wolayta half Sidama), security head Alemayehu Timotewos (an ethnic Wolayta- born and bred in Sidama land but always plotted against Sidama) with dozens of other associates were meticulously recruited and installed.
The chronology of their recruitment matches with our argument. All Sidama cadres who have stood by the Sidama nation during the nation’s stride toward statehood were systematically removed and relegated from their positions to be eventually replaced by the indicated quislings. Following, the recruitment of the indicated traitors; Abiy’s fake religious wing also infiltrated into the Sidama youth known as Ejjeetto- some of who were in coordinating positions as part of supporting pro-Sidama’s government officials; during the defining moment when the Sidama was bitterly fighting for statehood. These Ejjeettos were weakened and bought by money and are serving the indicated cadres by denying their conscious and their own nation.
These are the Ejjeetto traitors (to be named and shamed if they continue with their undignifying cooperation with the Sidama enemies) are currently working day and night to blackmail the true sons and daughters of the nation from their hideouts in Sidama land. With the enemies of the nation, they are tirelessly working and erroneously assume they are hidden from the public spotlight. These are the ones who with the Abiy’s Sidama cadres plan the imprisonment of the Sidama intellectuals. There are hundreds of Sidama’s true sons and daughters who are paying heavy price for the national cause.
Furthermore, the illegal war against Tigray- where genocide is in action is intensifying.
Over 100,000 Tegarus were obliged to flee the conflict to the neighbouring Sudan where human suffering has been globally reported. Over 1.5 million internal displacements has been recorded as the Eritrea’s regime destroys everything on its way in Tigray soil in addition to ransacking all they find. Another war in Oromo is unfolding as we speak causing genocide after genocide. Moreover, in Benshangul, native citizens are methodically exterminated by Neftegna expansionists to vacate their land for their new colonial expansion. These reckless actions are inviting global condemnations although the narcissist dictator and his unionist advisers are paying deaf ears.
It is in the midst of such turmoil, Abiy’s Sidama cadres are increasingly targeting the Sidama intellectuals. They have also ensured that all the Sidama opposition groups including SLM’s leadership are bribed and removed one by one and some with intimidation and harassment. As indicated above, there are already over 345 Sidama civilians remain imprisoned. The recent victim is assistant Professor Tesema Elias Shole.
Therefore, we call upon Sidama nation to reject the illegal war dictator colonel Abiy has declared on Tigray people. We urge the nation to denounce the attack of citizens with the foreign forces in Tigray. We also call upon Sidama nation to unconditionally join the struggle of the Oromo, Tigray and the rest of federalist forces in Ethiopia to stop the dangerous move of Neftegna’s colonial expansionists.
Therefore, we finally urge the regime to unconditionally Stop War against Tigray, Oromia and Benshangul! We also urge Abiy’s dictatorial regime to unconditionally release, Professor Tesema Elias Shole and the rest of Sidama prisoners; unconditionally release all Oromo political Prisoners including Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and thousands of others. We urge all peoples in Ethiopia to join our struggle against the resurrection of dangerous Neftegna system that potentially destabilises and eventually disintegrates the country.
December 05, 2020