Prospect for Uniting or Dismantling Ethiopia

Prospect for Uniting or Dismantling Ethiopia- “it is in our hand”-Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)

By Worku Burayu (Ph.D.), May 25, 2020

Prospect for Uniting or Dismantling Ethiopia
Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), May 2020

Summary: “The remaining chance for united or dismantled Ethiopia falls on the hands of Oromo Liberation Army (OLA),” said Kumsaa Dirribaa (aka Jaal Marroo), the Western Oromia OLA Commander, during the recent interview he made with Sagalee Irbuu, Pro- OLA radio. The Western Oromia Commander, Kumsaa Dirribaa and the Southern OLA Vice-Commander, Gammachu Abooyye, told Sagalee Irbuu that “The fundamental OLA objective is to struggle for the realization of the national self-determination of the Oromo people so that Oromo can decide its destiny: whether Oromo wants Independent Oromia or co-exist with present Ethiopia on the basis of self-rule, equality, democracy and liberty for all.”  The western and southern Oromo Liberation Army leaders, two key symbols, in the present situation, acknowledged and thanked Global WBO Task Force for their unreserved timely commitment and help for Oromo Liberation Army and call up on others to join and contribute what is expected for our common cause. They also made clear that OLA’s Supreme Military Command is exclusively based in Oromia among the members of OLA fighters. Note: The Southern OLA commander is Goollicha Dheengee.

Now, the Oromo Liberation Army makes it clear that the fate of Ethiopia is at its hand. My interpretation is that if we take it positively the objective of OLA and recognize the cause for what members of OLA are struggling for, the door is open for discussion and negotiation. If we take it negatively and ignore OLA’s call, again the door is open in dismantling Ethiopia. It means, from now onward, it is not the responsibility of OLA for the becoming disintegration of Ethiopia. It became more clearer than before that there is a knowledge gap between members of OLA and the Ethiopian government including its military. The majority of present members of OLA who are fighting for their objective are highly educated in academic professions and warfare skills than the Ethiopian high commanders and high official in the office. OLA, because they are struggling for their real cause, they have high moral ground to fight with resilience to achieve and succeed their objectives. On the other side, Ethiopian military has no moral ground to fight as it has no the objective its fighting for. Many uneducated or educated but unemployed youngster poured into military preparation just for survival purpose but with no clear objective and morale to fight OLA in the battle ground. The evil intention of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed and Defense Minister Lemma Megerssa coupled with bunch of irrational advisors, lead Ethiopia to unprecedented challenge. Specifically, this embarrassment for the would be cause of dismantled Ethiopia falls on the hands of unity camp, the camp of Prosperity Party and its Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed; EZEMA and its ESAT TV; ANM and its 360 TV.

Now what is to be done? Oromo! your pioneer superman Goollicha Dheengee and the eloquent hero Jaal Marroo are calling for you, you the Oromo people. Unfortunately, we ask WBO leaders many questions for the answers at our hand, and we place high triumphs expectation before doing our homework. Still we talk too much on meetings, TVs, radios, and various multi medias. We talk about plenty of ideas but there is no an action to implement. More than talk of a decade, a day of an action will lead us to success.  My question for the Oromo in the diaspora is, are we with WBO’s objective or not? if yes please demonstrate in practice, listen to WBO’s leaders, not to your ego. Be practical! Let us change the politics as usual to unusual politics. While things are simple, don’t make complicated. To start or resume helping your cause (WBO), no more meeting, more discussion, more time, more analysis is required. Just be yourself and response for WBO’s call now. How? They clearly defined, without any confusion, the way they can be helped, through Global WBO Task Force. How do I contact the Global WBO Task Force? I may help you whom to contact. Or you may not comfortable with Global WBO Task Force, I may help you again, contact me through my email below. If not, just drink your hot coffee, grasp your hot dogs, gossip with your likes keeping social distancing, and count the countless stars in the sky. For those of you who genuinely want to know the reason why OLA is fighting for, please read the aforementioned objective. For those of you who want to know who is the chair of OLA’s Supreme Military Command? The answer is simple. I don’t know, even I don’t want to know. I believe in system, the system is WBO, not to individual.

I need not be a prophet to tell what is exactly coming before us. I wrote many articles before OLF high officials returned home regarding in what way we should rethink how to perceive Oromo and OLF, and the challenge we are going to face as a society in the future. I also wrote more than 26 proactive articles thereafter in Abiy’s two years administration. I have seen things happening one by one based on my narrative. Is OLF or KFO took fraction of advice from that articles?

Worku BurayuContact me at and follow my Facebook at abbawalala baloo. Oromianism defined is my next article.

Horaa Bulaa!

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