Prominent Businessman returned home amid rumors he was …

Prominent Businessman returned home amid rumors he was escaped from Ethiopia in connection with Oromo protests


Ato Dinku Deyassa (L) and to Solomon Tadesse (R)

Awramba Times (Adama) – Ato Dinku Deyassa, owner of Rift Valley University, Sodere Resort, and many other multiple business enterprises, returned back to Ethiopia after months of business trips oversees.

Few months back, there were rumors that Ato Dinku Deyassa was escaped from Ethiopia due to his subtle involvement with Oromo protests, the massive monthslong anti-government protests throughout Oromia. However, the business man dismissed all those rumors as “unfounded and white lies“.

Solomon Tadesse, public relations head of Rift Valley University, who was also with ato Dinku while visiting the staff members of Sodere resort hotel early on Saturday, told Awramba Times that ato Dinku is not in a position to dignify to whatever rumors and gossips with a response.

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