Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Is Committing Treason Against Ethiopia

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Is Committing Treason Against Ethiopia

By Worku Burayu (Ph.D.), May 14, 2020

It is a public secret that Eritrean president, Isaias Afeworki, is a multinational political antagonist. So, why Abiy make clandestine backroom meetings with president Isaias who is multinational federalism political adversaries? Why Isaias of Eritrea has made more trips to Addis Ababa and other places in Ethiopia than Debretsion Gebremichael of Tigray Reginal president? Does Eritrea smell better to Ethiopia than Tigray? What is the common interest between Isaias and Abiy Ahmed?

Abiy’s foundation of Prosperity Party (PP) is the secret plot to reconsolidate the unitary power in Ethiopia. Abiy’s systematic movement to antithesis the Federalism system and trying to convert Ethiopia back into a totalitarian state is the experience he got from Isaias Afeworki with help of EZEMA. On the top of Economic interest, details continue to come out regarding Isaias’s multitasking and direct influence in Ethiopia: (1) Direct military intervention, (2) Establishing security institution and structure, (3) Intention to suppress the voice of federal groups, (4) Plan to eradicate the TPLF and to dismantle the OLF and if possible to annihilate the Oromo Liberation Army, and (5) Put influence on Abiy’s stand on Nile Dam are just few of his tasks. These all are with the full knowledge of PM and his blessings. Now it has become public secret Ethiopia directly ruled and controlled by President Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea. This is not a remote control. As Getachew Assefa has been helping the TPLF, Abiy is helping President of Eritrea, not the interest of Ethiopia. This is a treason.

Damaging information about Opposition Group in Ethiopia including OLF, KFO, and others are provided to Isaias from a representative of the Ethiopian government. Isaias administration also provided detrimental information about the opponents that he used to “aid” them. A known political analyst and lawyer, Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa gleefully asserted that the Prime minister Abiy conduct moves “beyond destruction of justice” and into “lying, and even potentially into treason,” during his recent interview with couples of media.

Broadly speaking, treason is the crime of betraying one’s country. Ethiopian Proclamation No.414/2004, The Criminal Code of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia states in Article 249.- Treason as: Whoever, enjoying Ethiopian nationality: (a) discloses, delivers information, communicates or makes accessible to the public, to a foreign Statepolitical party, etc. is a treason. For instance, Abiy’s provision of information with his full knowledge to Isaias Afeworki before the so-called change and after change is considered treason. Disclosed information to political party such as Ginbot 7 now EZEMA for seven years prior to 2018 is a treason. (b) while acting as a representative of the State, negotiations with a foreign power, manifestly sacrifices the interests he is called upon to defend to those of the other power is a treason. Example: Abiy’s conduct on negotiations with Egypt and Eritrea, a foreign power that clearly sacrifices the interests of the country is punishable with rigorous imprisonment up to fifteen years. In Article 251: Regarding collaboration with the Enemy, it states that whoever enjoying Ethiopian nationality, helps the enemy with advice or by deed, with the intention of promoting the objective of the enemy, or in cases of exceptional gravity the punishment is with rigorous imprisonment for life or death. Arranging a clandestine meeting in order to obtain damaging information about a political opponent from a foreign adversary might fall within that category. This is the work of PM Abiy before or after he came to power.

Right now, Abiy and Isaias common interest is to abolish OLF, the dream that derived from Political and Economic interest. President Isaias done historic mistake in 1991/1992 attacking Oromo freedom fighters such as OLF and the then IFLO across the country siding with the TPLF. A country just acquired its freedom from the same oppressive empire after decades of bloody struggle become a foe for other freedom fighters. The economic, military and political relationship of TPLF and EPLF didn’t go beyond five years. As many of us remember, the Eritrean–Ethiopian War, was a conflict that took place between the two countries from May 1998 to June 2000 that cost thousands of life from both sides; with the final peace only agreed, twenty years after the initial confrontation, but the implementation is immovable, risked peace, because Badime is still under Ethiopian territory. Once again, Isaias is trying to implement another mistake by siding Abiy administration to fight Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). This is unacceptable intention and act that loss the drive of Oromo hope. I have no doubt OLA will triumph at the final point as far as Oromo is with OLA. The miscalculation Isaias formulated is based on wrong postulates and theorem. This is not 1991. Oromo is capable and can prove his true declaration both in theory and action. Due to Abiy’s greed for power, Ethiopia’s sovereignty on the dam has been lost. It is another point that Abiy committed treason. Abiy made secretive deals with dictator Isaias Afewerki, the Arabs, Egypt, and with European and others in attempt to get unsolicited support to stay in power is a treason. While Isaias interfering in Ethiopian internal affair, Abiy’s interfering in the internal affairs of Somaliland, Juba land and Somalia is unacceptable. Such political confusion and the increasing internal conflicts have exacerbated the situation putting the country at high risk of complete disintegration and economic downturn. Constitutionally, Abiy’s government is illegitimate and is holding power by military and security force, the security force that may at least partly be replaced soon by Eritrean security forces.

Conclusion: Inshort, if what Abiy did isn’t treasonous, we aren’t sure if anything is. Abiy’s treason motivated Isaias to forward his government’s hostility towards Oromo’s interest such as to exercise its constitutional right for free and fair elections based on a democratic multinational federation. This hostile policy towards Oromia and southern nations, combined with unhealthy relations with the regional government of Tigray, plants a dangerous seed that could grow into a vicious conflict that could engulf the entire region. Isaia’s objection to federalism in Ethiopia also sounds twofaced, given the fact that as a leader of the Eritrean freedom war, he led his country’s bloody fight for independence. Backpedaling to rotten Empire is a betrayal and Abiy is responsible for committing treason against the country’s strategic interest and sovereignty and security. Abiy Ahmed is a treacherous, dangerous dictatorial individual for the country. He must be responsible for all crimes against humanity, acting genocides on Oromo and others, and for allowing the interference of Eritrea on internal political affairs.

Horaa Bulaa!

Source: Ayyaantuu