Prime Minister Abiy’s admission in parliament that Eritrean forces have feet on the ground in Tigray won’t sit well with President Isaias.

Prime Minister Abiy’s admission in parliament that Eritrean forces have feet on the ground in Tigray won’t sit well with President Isaias.

His spokesperson Yemane G. Meskel was ranting and raving on twitter about the findings of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission as well. There’s trouble. Senator Chris Coons must have given Abiy some sort of ultimatum forcing the Prime Minister to publicly throw Isaias under the bus. Senator Coons returns home boosting his pedigree as an able diplomat on African affairs and Abiy buys himself additional time as the US ponders if it’s worthwhile to exact further punishment on Ethiopia. In the middle, Eritrea is hung out to dry and Isaias understands the ramifications of that.

With international pressure ramping up on Eritrea, the President could flip and turn against Abiy anytime now unless he receives reassurances that he will somehow be sufficiently compensated for the troubles. But what can the Prime Minister possibly offer to compensate for the new round of sanctions that Eritrea might face? Whatever Abiy does in his latest trip to save their friendship from falling apart, it’s doubtful that he will succeed. Their transactional alliance is a ticking time bomb.

This is not the first time that Isaias would feel duped in his dealings with Abiy. He must have felt that he did not receive a fair share of the pie last year when Abiy received all the plaudits and the much coveted Nobel Peace Prize following the Ethio-Eritrean rapprochement, with little credit going towards Asmara. If memory serves me right, Isaias did not congratulate him at the time and there was an extended breakdown of relations before their friendship resumed after a relentless appeasement effort by the PM. Abiy’s latest trip to Asmara, in all likelihood, is a desperate attempt to avoid a similar souring of relations. Or will he have the courage to request Isaias to pull out his forces? We’ll have to wait and

#Iccitii_ajaja_Humna_Addaa_Poolisii Oromiyaa quuqama Oromummaa qabu irraa amma na dhaqqabe!! Shirri Abiyyi saaxilameera!!
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Boru Ummaatni Oromoo waltajjii akka hin deemne hatattamaan waliif Dabarsaa!! Wal dhageesisaa!!

ኤርትራ ያልደገፈችው የጠ/ሚንስትሩ መግለጫ፤ የኤርትራ ጦር ከትግራይ ይወጣል?

በኤርትራው ጉብኝት በድብቅ የተያዘው አጀንዳ የጦር ጥምረት…

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